Friday, November 14, 2008

Girls X 7 !

Being a mom to seven girls can be quite,let's just say hormonal at times. You never know what kind of mood they may be in. On another side they are very helpful,loving,passionate young ladies. My grandmother came from a family of 8 girls,no boys. I remember how her sisters and her would get together. They would be just like young girls laughing and having a grand old time.
I pray that my girls are just as close when they are older.
Our Sarah will graduate from high school this next May. This will make 4 graduates from JCCHS in our family. 4 down and 5 to go!!! She is our 4th child and I would say my easiest so far. I am so proud of her and her passion for the Lord.I can't wait to see how God uses her as she continues in her next phase of life. She has a real heart for abused kids and hopes to work in some field to mentor them. This year she has done cheering and cross country. I don't know where she gets her passion for running!
Our 5th child Jessica will be 15 in a few months. This past year she was on the JV competition and football cheer squad. I think she even surprised herself, following in her sisters footsteps. She has done wonderful and has worked really hard to do her best for the squad. But what she really does great is sing. God has given her a beautiful voice. She hopes to go into some sort of music career.