Friday, July 30, 2010

Praying for Olivia ...Update to her CaringBridge page!

Update from Barb...."Had lots and lots of test this morning. They think they see the infection right at the liver, but not in the liver, They see a small stricture but it is all wait and see...and Olivia is going to feel ...pretty icky for a while...but hanging in there. She is trooper!

Please lift this sweet girl before our Heavenly Father today! Olivia has a really bad blood infection. Click on the link to her CaringBridge page for a more detailed update.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Praying for Olivia...New updates!

Wow what a weekend ! Olivia ended up back in the ICU and not doing well at all over the weekend. I was away from the computer so you all have missed a few updates. Below is the latest in true Olivia fashion!

I am so sorry it has taken me all day to get to this. We were moved to a room, out of ICU, late yesterday, WOOHOO. Which means we are doing much better but my friend Donna wrote this on her status and I copied it because it covered everything perfectly.
Teen Olivia was moved to a regular room last night. Docs are waiting and watching her bile duct to see if the blockage will go away with meds. If it doesn't, it means another surgery. Her blood pressure and sugar levels are high and there is blood in her urine. She still needs much prayer after her liver transplant!
So, right now is watching and waiting but NOT IN ICU!!!! Thank you for the prayers and the support. We love you all and thank you all so much.
I will write more later but if you have been praying please go to my blog at I just wrote how much you all mean to me and I want you to catch it.
In His Grip

Barbara  July 25 at 2:14pm Reply
I have to send you this because well, I want to shout from the mountain top how great Olivia is doing today! She is sitting up and playing on her computer. Ms. Susan she signed in her webkinz today...and she even went for a short walk to the waiting room to say hello to her friend. WOW. Yesterday there was no even an Olivia in her eyes. Today, she is so good we are moving to the floor around 6:30. The nurses in PICU are overwhelmed at her personality. They had no idea she had one.
We still have some major hurdles to overcome. Hre blood pressure is really high, her sugar is really high and they did find blood in her urine today. So, before we get all comfortable and excited we are still in a serious watch and wait...but it is hard not to be excited because I have my little girl back.
I will update tomorrow if there are no major changes but I had to tell everyone how good it is here right now.
In His Grip