Sunday, March 13, 2011

My best behavior...when others are watching!

One thing about living in a community for many years...most of my just never know who you might run into. How many times have you run into someone you know and their behavior was opposite of who they portray themselves when you are around them? Maybe you have seen them from a distance and they had no idea you were watching them? How many times have people seen me from a distance...usually when my kids are misbehaving... and I never knew? It probably wasn't pretty...please don't tell me if you have!

I pray my life would portray Jesus no matter where I am or who might be watching. I am human and I am a sinner saved by God's grace! I don't always behave the way Christ would like for me to. There are days I really mess up!  There are days I don't even like me.  Days when my own self centeredness refuses to leave me alone!

Last night we were shopping at Target and I saw two people I  knew from church. So, I watched from a distance just to see if they recognized me. I had several daughters with me....large family with many blonde headed girls! How can you not recognize our family? I guess we can be intimidating at times!  As I stood in line at the register, waiting on my turn, these two women walked around and cut in line when I had my back turned. My first response ...You have got to be kidding me, as I bit my tongue!  I guess I should have said something to them? Sometimes it's just not worth the effort. People amaze me sometimes! Next time you feel like breaking in line...make sure it's not someone that knows you !

Who am I when no one is watching? When I think no one sees....God does. He sees everything I do, He hears everything I say, He knows everything I think.  He loves me just as I am in spite of it all !   Even when I break in line! God's so hard to show others that same compassion sometimes. That is until I need the same compassion in return. I am learning!

So...If you see me in public and I'm not on my best behavior, please tap me on the shoulder! If my kids are with me...please come and rescue them me!