Monday, September 8, 2014

The Plot thickens...time line continued

Part 2 of the time line...

8/25 Emailed contractor to see how the estimate was coming along.

8/25 Received estimate from our contractor

8/25 Submitted Contractor estimate to State Farm

8/25 Called our claim team to make sure they had received our estimate and was told it would be at least 24 hours before they would receive it.

8/26 Emailed Mr. Rust.. State Farm executive... to inform him of our issues with our kitchen claim and to inquire what we could do to expedite this claim.

8/26 Response to email from Mr. Rust requesting more information about the claim.

8/26 Received a call from Jada at State Farm informing us our estimate was approved.

8/26 Emailed our contractor to inform him of State Farms approval of his estimate and that we were ready to get started with the kitchen.

9/2 Received insurance check from State Farm

9/2-9/3 Spoke with Mortgage company about the claim process.

9/4 Spoke with Pearlie Harris from State Farm in response to my email to Mr. Rust

9/4-9/5 Spoke with mortgage company again about the process of our claim...was told they had mailed us a claim package with instructions from the mortgage company.

9/8..As of today's mail...nothing!

September 1st...I was finally celebrating my Insurance check in hand and then....

September 2nd...My Facebook post...

Nothing is ever easy ! Now to jump through hoops for Green Tree Mortgage! Procedures they say...Send endorsed check along with contractors estimate,w9, and State Farms estimate. 7-10 day processing time. Then they send 1 check to us and contractor 50% of the funds. When job is done then they send an inspector (they want to oversee the job) out before the release of the rest of the funds! All this for a 2 day job! Somebody shoot me!

September 4th...My Facebook  post....

Did you know if you have an insurance claim your mortgage company can take and oversee the funding and the job? I have a kitchen claim that I fought for 14 weeks to get settled and now that I finally have the funds from the insurance company and the go ahead, my mortgage company is seizing the funds and overseeing the job once I submit the endorsed by us check and about 5 other documents they will need from the contractor and insurance company. Once they have the paperwork, they will release 50% of the funds and the remaining 50% once their inspector has approved the completed job. What do they think I'm going to do take the money and run? So my name is on the contractors contract and will be responsible for the charges. There is no guarantee I will even get those funds back.
With one month left until our daughters wedding I see no hope in getting our kitchen completed before hand. As of today it remains in the same condition that it was 15 weeks ago. My emails to our insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens have gone unanswered ( I didn't put this on the time line but emailed him with questions on 8/14), my insurance company that complicated this whole mess has now passed the baton to our Mortgage company. I am the one left standing saying... Wait a minute!...Don't I have a say in this whole mess?  I really hate that my time, energy and what sanity I have left has been consumed with the last 15 weeks. What should be a time of celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and our daughters wedding has instead been weeks of regulations, hoop jumping and mental exhaustion. 
Really, the truth of the matter is....
When my kitchen is complete and I can once again walk barefoot on my floor, I will look back and say...GOD WAS AND IS GOOD!!!