Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Day 54

I know I haven't updated in a while. So here is an update from Olivia's mom below. After the transplant Olivia has had many ups and downs...additional surgeries(a stent)...tons of prayers...and  a faith that continues to hold on the the hem of the Father. Please continue to hold this sweet family in your prayers.

Hi guys

I know it has been a few days since I have updated. I have just been tired. I think that the light of maybe going home has made my body want to go home. Anyway, every day I send a few more things home in hopes that we will all be home soon.

Unfortunately Olivia's body has to cooperate with us too. Her bilirubin went up yesterday and she did not have a great day in feeling well but, I can tell she is stronger because she was fighting it all day. She played Scrabble with the Respiratory Therapist, Tennis with the Phyisical Therapist, Scattergories with the Volunteer, made bead lanyards for the nurses and overall just entertained all day. She was her old self in a way where she was fighting the sickness so she could do what she wanted not what her body wanted her to do. She was wiped out at bedtime and so was I. She had a fairly restful night.

Her stent is leaking a bit, her numbers are changing a bit but they are still talking going home. Dean is a little unsure about us going home but me, I am so ready that I will be nmore than happy to rush back here if I can just have a night or two in my own bed. I'm just saying :)

Good news on the prayer front for some. It seems baby Claire (she has the heart problem and surgery and is an infant) has come through things beautifully and her heart is actually doing well now. They still need her to eat and that is a problem...but her heart is good! Hooray! Like I tell other people, we are finally past the life and death stuff,...so it's still the dangerous stuff but you can deal with that. Life and death, not so much.

Other babies in need of prayer is little Chloe along with Sawyer and I think I remember the name correctly Gheri.....but God knows.

Have a most blessed day. We are starting the count down here. We are on day 54 since this admission which is actully shorter than her first transplant, woohoo...we were 3 months on that one...and we are headed for some recovery. We may not be moving "up" as the Doctors say, but we for sure are not moving back. Yeah. Go God. Go "Friends of Olivia" that have been forever faithful. You will never know the blessing you have been to us, the witness you have been to us and others and the encouragement that our family needed you were quick to provide.
Love you all Blessings

In His Grip, Forever