Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blessed be the name...

Never have I seen an amazing group of people come together like I have over this past year. Love being poured out for a newly wed couple facing a very scary time during a health crisis.Prayers being said for healing and provision as they face a road unknown.

November 2015 ...Our son in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Our community has bound together as we have all jumped in to support Jason and Sarah through love and prayer.
Our son Jordan ran a full marathon in October in honor of Jason. His commitment to train and run this 26 mile race, was all for love. Training that took place as he continued to work as a 4th grade teacher and welcoming baby #2 just a few weeks before the race. Watching the teamwork of Jordan and his wife Kayla, as she lovingly supported him through this act of love. Her mom and dad joining team Jordan,as they too poured into this race with love and support. Countless people giving to the Go fund me account that was set up for Jason and endless hours of prayers said before our Father for endurance and strength for both Jordan and Jason... No amount of thank yous will ever be enough!

 We have a hashtag #runforjason to document the journey that has taken place. Also a Facebook page  "Run For Jason", where updates have been documented. We as a family are taking a stand beside our son and showing him we are in this for the long haul and we will be cheering him on!

I am thankful for Jason's mom and dad who have been a rock for Sarah and Jason! The support they have been for our words of thank you will ever be enough. My prayer is that they would feel the power and love of Jesus.That He would hear the cry of this mother and father's heart for healing for their son.Thank you for sharing Jason with us! He has changed our family for the better!

Yesterday our family gathered at the Hope House for a time of Praise and worship. Kelley and I set back in awe of the beauty of our children as they gathered to show their love and support for their sister and her husband. Today Jason entered the hospital to begin his marathon. He and a team of Emory doctors will work together to rid his body of this awful disease. Please pray for Jason as he will be given very strong doses of chemo to prepare his body for the stem cell transplant. Pray for endurance and strength to keep his eyes above the waves and on the one who holds him in the palm of His hand...Jesus!

Blessed be the name>>>> Click on this link for a taste of our time as a family!

Thank you all for joining our family on this journey! I  pray we will all get to see Sarah and Jason smile and dance real soon!
Here is a link to the Go Fund Me Account if you would like to give. 
More than anything PRAY! Keep praying until God says stop!