Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On becoming Mrs.Holcombe

Dearest Kayla,

It was just a few short 28 years ago that I became a Mrs. Holcombe. Leaving behind all that I had known for a great adventure of a lifetime. What an adventure it has been serving God and serving my husband. Praise God this adventure continues on!

In a few short weeks you too will become the next Mrs. Holcombe. Never again will you be referred to as Miss Foote. It’s a strange feeling to leave behind the only last name you have ever known. However it’s a newness that will come with so much more than you can ever imagine. So I wanted to share with you my experience of what it means to become a Mrs. Holcombe.

Becoming a Mrs. Holcombe has been the greatest honor I have ever known. It did take me a while to feel the part. But once I did, It was as though I had always carried the last name. You see the first Mrs. Holcombe I ever met was a very special lady….my mother in-law. She taught me so much more about life and raising kids…a lot of them! She embraced me as her own. I was blessed to have known her and to have gleaned from her wisdom. I remember meeting the Holcombe family for the first time and our very first Christmas….Oh wow! No words can describe the feeling of family! You see….Being a Holcombe means family. Lots of family! Lots of Fun! No matter how long it has been since we have gotten together, it’s as though we gather every week. Never missing a beat. Justin had a shirt when he was younger that said…If you mess with me you mess with my WHOLE family! That is so true! No matter where you turn, if you live in the state of Georgia, you will probably meet someone who is related or knows someone in the Holcombe family. I’m not joking!

As you and Jordan say your “ I do’s“, please know that you are not just joining your lives….you are joining your families. It's both families that have sacrificed and invested years of their lives to get you both to this point in time. It’s family that will be there for you until your dying day. It’s family that will love and support you in the good times and the very bad ones. I don’t have to tell you what the statistics of marriage are. In today’s world it can be one of the most difficult things you can go through but one of the most rewarding times of your life. It’s not just about taking but about giving. Lots of forgiving! Lots of unconditional love! Lots of humbling yourself and laughing through the storms! It’s about being Jordan’s greatest fan! Even when he may not deserve it. I assure you there will be those times. It’s about loving your God with all that you have and are. Keeping your eyes on Him when all the world around you may not be what you would have wanted. It’s about knowing that this is His calling for your life and no matter what you will follow!

Kayla you are a brave woman to join this crew. We are not perfect. We are mostly crazy. We love. We laugh. We cry. We forgive. We embrace whatever comes our way. But we do make mistakes from time to time…often. That’s why we lean on God’s mercy more than anyone could ever imagine. We are a family whose desire is to serve the Lord with all that we are. He has and continues to be faithful…always! So hang on for the ride as you join our family. I pray you feel loved as you become part of the team of Holcombe women. When the wedding is over and reality is back in motion, please know we are here for you always as we all learn to be an even larger family!

Even after 28 years I’m still learning to be the very best Mrs. Holcombe for my Mr. Holcombe! So don't expect to get it right in the first week....but you will try! So Burn the bread and the dinner! Then order pizza and laugh! Remember the good times and the bad. These will be the moments that you will share with that sweet little girl one day who has stolen your son's heart. She too will be the next Mrs.Holcombe.

Love you Miss Foote (Soon to be Mrs. Holcombe)