Wednesday, September 19, 2012

28 years of learning to count the moments

28 years
9 kids
12 moves
Many job least 9! It takes a lot to feed this crew! With every job promotion came a new addition to our family.

We have seen a lot on this journey of ours. Many years of growing and learning as we have faced life together. We have lost a lot but have gained so much more. Sometimes it's in the losing that you learn what really matters. Learning to let go of selfish desires and dreams. Learning to embrace a life shared with so much love...most days! Learning to let God lead even when I'm gritting my teeth wanting my own way. Learning to trust God...that His ways are so much better. Trusting that He is God and worthy of ALL my praise! All of the time!

The next few months will bring a lot of life changing events for our family. I am armed and ready...but am I? Some days I look ahead and say...But How God?  He simply says...Trust me and rest under the shadow of my wings!

Our first event....
Remember me talking about a second surgery for the love of my life? It's in 2 weeks and will be a little more than we had thought. He seems to have developed a cyst on the bone in his ankle with possible infection. That will have to be cleaned and filled along with the surgery to repair the ligaments and a rod being placed through his ankle.  I knew I should have gone to nursing school! Very soon Scooter Duder will ride again!

Our next event....
We will be saying good-bye see you later to our son. After 3 years of waiting on a full time job opportunity...thanks to our lovely economy...he will be traveling to a place he has longed to see. Attending a school he has longed to attend to receive his Masters degree in Archaeology. A few months ago he finally decided to apply to this beautiful school. With a very narrow deadline he applied. We then realized he needed a couple of things (a physical) we thought that it was needed before the deadline with his application. His physical had expired and there was no time to get a new one. So with that we said...Oh well! God must have another plan...this door closed. Until last week... he received a phone call from this University saying.....He has been accepted into the program!!!!! The school had sent several emails but he had not received them. OK God....But How?  With another very short timeline he is scrambling to pull together financing for this opportunity. By October 1...his birthday...he must have a $1000.00 deposit. For a young man who has only been able to work a part time job for the past few years this will be a miracle...But how God? In order to get financial aid he must have an acceptance letter. Which he can't get until the deposit is made. Then there is his passport and a visa. With all this happening this past week and with all that is happening in the Middle East...I have this amazing peace! Even when the world says...Are you crazy? I can't explain it except for the fact that God in His ultimate wisdom is answering my question....But How God? All the impossible circumstances are becoming possible....but in God's way and God's timing!  This 3 year long prayer is finally coming to fruition....Never give up hope! As this young man's mom I can honestly say it is so good to see him smile again. It has been really tough watching door after door close. It will be really hard watching him step foot on that plane in just a few short weeks. But oh so exciting to see God's plan for his life that will take him on the next step of this journey. Watching as God provides all of his needs as he obeys God's calling. Praying he keeps his eyes on the one who has called him to follow.

So thankful for Skype!!!!!
And God's answer to all my questions....

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Our final life changing event and the most wonderful way to end this very stress filled year....
 The birth of our very first sweet little granddaughter...Reese Elizabeth! Just a few more weeks....Our family can't wait!

This past weekend my love and I did get a chance to  go away and celebrate the 28 years we have had. Resting for the journey ahead. Whatever that will be. I'm sure next year will be just as exciting...A wedding and a new daughter to start with! I know God has a plan... a great one!  We have come too far to doubt Him now!  Counting every moment that we have been given ....


                                            Very thankful for each of them!