Thursday, May 13, 2010 seating!

Planning a wedding is a lot of work! So much preparation...Oh I hope we don't forget anything!

Our oldest daughter will be saying her I do's at the end of this month. So many emotions running through our house right now....good and bad! Plans made then plans changed. Ok! I am a worrier! I never like to see others left out. Because of the venue we chose there is limited space. Our families are huge and take up most of the head count allowance. That leaves little room for those outside of family. We have been a part of a fellowship since it's beginning 24 years ago. Many have watched my children grow up and  have shared many events in our crazy lives!  Many of those we weren't able to include in the guest list. I wish it was unlimited seating...maybe we should have rented the Braves Stadium!

 My eyes have been opened to the time and money involved in planning a wedding. In the future I will have a different outlook on any major events. RSVP's were once not as significant as they are now. There's a reason for needing an accurate head count! 

There is one wedding that I know where there will be unlimited seating The marriage of The Lamb...Jesus!
One day He will return to claim His bride! All those who have believed and surrendered their lives to Him will be apart of  this HUGE marriage feast! This is one wedding I don't want to miss! It's up to me whether I'm on that list or not! It doesn't matter what I look like,how I'm dressed or if I have money...God wants me just as I am. Woo! Hoo! I won't need a new outfit! Just little ole me! The thing is... I don't know when He will return...I just need to make sure I'm ready and waiting! Have you turned in your RSVP? I did about 30 years ago...I'm just waiting to attend!