Friday, August 15, 2014

Sanctus Real - Lay It Down (Acoustic)

Perfect after the week we have had! Enjoy!

Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

This is an Insurance claim that will not end...

I remember several years ago during hurricane season, our friends from Florida evacuated to our home to wait out the storm. Little did we know this storm would be a never ending disruption to Florida life. In an attempt to make light of the situation we began to sing a song. Over and over and over!

As we are now into week 11 of the demolition process of our kitchen, I found myself humming that ole familiar tune. I have a choice...I can scream, I can cry or I can sing! On the verge of loosing my sanity, I chose singing!

"This is a claim that will not end! It goes on and on...My friends! This mama started singing it not knowing how long it was and she will continue singing it forever just because....

It really is a catchy tune!
Well folks...I'm back to getting yet another quote! Each quote takes no less than 1 week to process. With each week my hope in seeing the end of this claim diminishes.

On July 29th I submitted our final bid with all submitted contractor supplements.The call came last Monday from my insurance company that my submitted bid was too high. I really wanted to throw up! My choice...Have the original adjuster come back out or get another bid! Given the options...why would I choose the original adjuster who dropped the ball from the get go? NO THANK YOU!!!!

Can someone tell me how a bid can be too high when they have given me NO direction except to go get cabinet bids? Have you seen the vast array of cabinets? I chose a mid-range cabinet, laminate counter tops and vinyl floors. After spending weeks of waiting on clarification from the first cabinet maker, I wanted to get an accurate itemized bid so this wouldn't have to drag out any longer.

Well...IT AIN'T OVER FOLKS!!!!!!!

I have cried, screamed, posted on FB and I have even resorted to tweeting with Jake from SF. Maybe the insurance commissioner should get in on the party?!  You too are welcome to join me on twitter...

The disruption of our home continues with Plywood floors and kitchen in the same condition it was 11 weeks ago. I'm beginning to get splinters in my feet. No more barefeet in this house! No more sanity either!

Time to click my heels together and wish for home! Wishing for this disruption to end....