Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oh the places she will go...

Today, after 29 years of endless years of car seats....We are car seat freeeeeee! The emptiness in our car is a little sad. exciting for this new road our family will walk!

I never planned to have nine children. However I did promise myself  I would never have a baby after the age of 40. In true Mackenzie fashion 1 month before my 41st birthday I gave birth to our 9th child. Three weeks early after weeks of ultrasounds and endless doctor visits, our little caboose made her grand entrance!

Since that day she hasn't slowed down....I am not getting out of child rearing easy! Mackenzie will make sure of that!  A challenge I will always cherish!

I guess being the youngest of nine, God knew she would need a little spunk. That spunk would give her the survival skill that she would need to get through life. Head strong and more than likely a natural born leader. Not a shy bone in her body. She has no fear and  in some strange way behaves as though she were a teenager. Her love for her brothers and sisters is amazing to watch. Her love for her niece is even more amazing! With another niece coming in just a few months I'm sure this will be a journey I don't want to miss!

 Where did the time go? 

Youngest of 9
Born in the month of January
Lover of Chick-Fil-A
Loves her niece Reese
Still loves our morning snuggles before the day begins
Hates to sleep in a room alone
Loves art
Head strong
Loves to eat pistachios with her brother

This little girl has brought life and love to our family. She has kept us on our toes. Filling us with pure exhaustion! I can't help but think of all the amazing things God has planned for her life. The people she will meet and the places she might go!
Mackenzie Claire you were given to us to be a blessing! A blessing you are! I pray that whatever God has planned ,you will give it your all and share that sweet smile with everyone you  meet. I can't think of a finer person to walk me to the end of child rearing with. You have given me strength on days when I just couldn't seem to find it. Your smile has brightened everyday that I have been blessed to see it. Your morning snuggles makes my days so much better!
Happy Birthday! 
I love you!
PS...I will walk with you on the day you graduate from highschool!