Sunday, February 17, 2013

Her children rise up and call her blessed....her husband also

The above title says a lot. It's the longing in many of mother's hearts. These aren't words of pride or arrogance....but words of well done thy good and faithful servant.

I get so caught up in the daily rat race that many of those days I fail to see...forget...why I'm running it in the first place. Listening to the wrong voice that says I 'm not good enough, not doing enough. Not teaching them enough. What are they seeing? A worn out nagging old woman? Especially when attitudes are flying this may be true.

I have finally figured out that what they really want is to see me happy. To see the smile that hides behind those daily "to do" list. To just be near me and have me sit with listen. To slow down. Why did it take me so long to finally listen? My mom is probably laughing right now! She'll tell you that I can be pretty stubborn! My husband will too!

These past few months have brought so many longings to my soul. In some ways I feel I have awakened from a coma. Realizing that life is not getting any longer. Nor am I getting younger. I'm seeing a whole new role now that our granddaughter is here. Not just with her but with her mama. The teaching continues long after they leave the nest. I hope that never ends.

I awakened this morning to a Facebook wall full of sweet messages and the ones from my children have brought tears to my eyes. I guess I don't see myself the way they do. I like their version so much better! I hope they know their words of love run deep to my soul. As I read each of them I see the hand of God. I see how He has used so many of our friends and family to help mold our children. I see how He has been faithful even in my weakness. I see how much He truly loves me and knows the longings of my heart. I see how He has blessed me with a husband who has walked this road with me. Loving me through it all.

There is one woman who I have to say has been a great influence in my life. She is the one whom I met the day she turned eighteen. She is the one who I see as the strongest woman I know. She is the one who I have watched God use in the lives of so many people. Including mine! She is the reason I am the woman I am today. For that....I rise and call her blessed! 

Mom...I can't begin to put into words how grateful I am that you are my mom. You are the reason I serve a great and mighty God. You are the reason I am the mom that I am today. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for loving me through the good times and so many of the bad times. You are a wise woman who has always encouraged me to base everything with God's word. I watch as your grandchildren love you so dearly. How they love to spend time with you . How you are so willing to sit with them and even play a game or two or four. How you make the best homemade bread...that's what they all say. But what they all see when they see you is Jesus! For that there are no words of gratitude. I love you and you are blessed! Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your special day with me! It will always be "Our Day".