Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fear has no place...

September 2001 fear gripped our country at the hands of terrorists who tried to steal our peace. I remember sitting in my home as I watched the result of the evil hate for our nation. Fear gripping my own heart while knowing my husband sat in a downtown building that could have been a target at any moment.

April 2007 our small community was gripped with fear as a Student strapped a bomb to his chest and walked into the front office of our local high school. Inside those walls held our beautiful daughter as she called from her cell phone, telling us she was hiding in the school barn and the school was being evacuated. Kids running wherever they could to hide from the fear that was disrupting their world that once held peace.

2014 held another grip of fear in our community as several weeks of countless bomb threats and evacuations held our school system hostage.

Our world has not been the peaceful world that I remember growing up as a child. A peace given as a gift because of our service men and women who chose to fight for our freedom. A time when our country acknowledged that we were a God fearing nation. Our nation's eyes have turned away. We are no longer a Nation under God. My children may never know a day without fear from the evil that was bred from hate. They must now live in a world where hate breeds death. Where something as simple as going to a local mall is now a target for mass destruction.

Today a young lady, whom I've known her whole life, called to tell my daughter not to  come near the mall because our local mall was a scene of a imposed threat. A threat of a mass shooting. A place where just a few days ago our family walked through the many stores, dreaming of things and stuff. Well I was too late! By the time she got the message she was already there...inside.  Fear gripped, she sped walked to get to her car. A fear that no young lady should have to feel! Not in rural Georgia! Fear gripped this young lady as she waited to get the OK to close her store's door inside the mall. Waiting inside. Watching and praying this threat wasn't real. Watching men in tactical gear roam the floors of the mall and standing guard outside the doors of her store. The day ended without the threats being carried out. However, the fear remains of what could have been.

This afternoon, across the ocean, another group of innocent lives lost inside an airport in Turkey. Fear once again has a grip.  A fear I face this next week as I welcome our son home from far far away and send our daughter off on a beautiful journey across the deep blue sea!

The grip of fear is an endless road that leaves you hopeless. Leaves you cowering in a corner of the moment, with no sense of control or direction. Blind to the fact that the only option is the one who brings peace.

Fear has no place at the sound of His name! When eyes are met with His, the world as we know it disappears... Fades. He came to bring life. Peace. Rest. When you know Him you know that perfect peace. His name...Jesus. I met Him as a young child and have seen His hand on my life for a very long time. He has walked with me through some very dark fear filled times and some very beautiful ones. As a child I remember my mom always reminding me to call out His name when I'm afraid. When I have no words or direction. When all seems hopeless, cry JESUS! She is a wise woman!

Our world will never know that perfect peace this side of heaven. Until then....I will keep crying Jesus!
Because it's in Him that fear has no place!