Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mother letters......

I have just run across a most awesome blog. There is a man who is going to surprise his wife with a book of letters sent to her ,via his blog,from other moms. It all started when they decided to forgo giving each other bought gifts this year and using that money to help friends in a village far away. You can read all about it and even send her your thoughts on being a mom. I hope she knows how blessed she is to have a husband do such a loving, most romantic act of gift giving.
The blog address is
All moms need encouragement from time to time. To get that from other moms is probably the only way to really be understood in this club we call MOTHERHOOD.
I am seeing what an impact this gift is having on other moms,just read some of the entries that have been sent.
Through just one families idea to sacrifice and bless others, a gift was born that will go on giving to a world called motherhood.


Several months ago I heard about a blog that a very special family had. The mom was expecting her 4th baby and he wasn't expected to live. Well, God had other plans! Praise God this little blessing survived and has done above and beyond what anyone ever hoped for. We do serve a God of miracles!!!! And this blog and family have been a tool used to share God's goodness to people all over the world. What a story they will have to tell him when he's older. I have a link to the right, check it out. And the mom reminds me of myself many years ago with 4 babies under the age of 4. And she takes the most beautiful pictures too. The blog is