Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Calling all prayer warriors!!!


Olivia's mom.....
It seems today is a bigger day than transplant day. The liver numbers went up even more today even with the meds to fight rejection. So now they are thinking that it is possible one of the arteries to the liver is too small and they will have to take her back to surgery. We will not know the confirmation yet of what they are going to do for a few hours.

Yesterday a friend told me she heard this at a conference this past weekend and thought of Liv. I know everyone on this list is praying but there are a few of you that are called by God to be Prayer Warriors. For you, I thought this was a message that would resonate with you.

In Texas, the Marching Band marches in cadence. When they reach a bridge they break cadence because it can cause damage to the structure of the bridge and surrounding buildings. But, as christians when we "march in cadence in the heavenly places" we do cause damage to those structures and instead of breaking cadence, we should press on to tear down those things keeping us from the love of God.

This just resonated with me as a prayer partner. Sometimes those Angels are trying to get to us and are blocked by those things around us that keep us from focusing in on what the Lord has to say. We miss it being caught up in the whirlwind of activity and strongholds that are on our life. But, when we lock arms and pray then strength comes and those things are torn down to give us the ability to march on.

If this resonates in your spirit today, I would ask that whatever the Lord asks of you to pray do and that you would also hold Olivia up as well. I just feel a bit like the Glory of What God is trying to accomplish is being stolen away in the report of man and not the report of the Lord. I am realistic, I know all of this can happen and are complications of a huge surgery like this but I am going to chose to look to the Heavenlies and listen to God to be prepared for what He wants to do and give Him the glory no matter what.

In His strong, firm grip


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Trusting in the Lord! has been the "fighting Ninja's" rollercoaster at Six flags. We have been describing this time as just a minin-train rollercoaster until today.

Olivia's numbers, all of them, took a good jump up. We went to Ultrasound and were headed to Catscan and the Surgeon vetoed. He did not want any dye or a liver biopsy done on this liver until we see more numbers tomorrow. They just are trying to baby this liver so it we will not loose it.
Wow, what a difference 24 hours can make. Yesterday they were sending us down to the 5th floor and today we can't keep the Docs out of our room. I know I am anxious because Olivia is so different today. She is moaning more than crying..she is awake but not talking just staying in the bed. Well, except for physical therapy and usual stuff they make her do.
Right now, I am exhausted. We have rode this rollercoaster today and still have to be on it until the morning. So all of your prayers are coveted right now. Trying to have a good attitude and trust. This morning when I wrote that scripture I had no idea what the day would bring but still in the light of the afternoon... I will "Trust in the Lord with All MY HEART.LEAN NOT TO MY OWN UNDERSTANDING and in ALL MY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM,,,and I know He will direct my path and the path of the Doctors and Olivia's path.
Love to you all

In His Grip


Praying for Olivia...Urgent prayer needed!

Well, just when you think things are settling in and you have it made...a real big hill drops on you and you go flying down.

We found out that one of Olivia's liver numbers has taken a huge jump in the wrong direction this morning. We are headed to ultrasound in just a bit. I have to tell you that the number they are looking at has to do with the bile duct and the possibility of a stent. Please, please pray. We are not wanting to go down the road of more suregeries and thos awful stents.

In light of this new problem, they are wanting to put the NG tube back down so we can give her extra nutrition. She is NOT a happy camper. Then they changed her pain meds down to a lower dose because they are trying to keep her liver things are not going well.

Just a note to ask for prayer


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Day 5


We are heading into day 5. I could never fathom how day 5 would look. Yes, Olivia feels aweful. Yes we have hit a few bumps along the way and are not out of the woods but we are so amazed. We are standing in awe of our God who is taking precious care of us and Olivia. WOW>
Olivia still continues to be in pain but so far just from surgery. No nauseau, no back pain, sugar numbers are in good ranges, things seem to be going all in the right direction. She is out of it. She is very tired but, well, let's be honest. They have taken a whole ugly looking organ and replaced it. Not an easy task to do and not easy on the body. You realize how different things are when she takes meds and they work right away. Usually it would take hours for it to take affect because her liver was so sluggish. What a difference. Again, changing our thought processes daily. Seeing things in the future bright.
Sometimes the Doctors make me crazy because they want her to do more and more. I know it is for her best because of her lungs but my thought is "if you will sit in here for the hour for her respiratory treatmenst as she is wracked in pain from airway clearance" and "if you can see how much she is trying for Dean and I". Yesterday her incistion opened up a bit because of the treatments. Uggh...they took out all her IV lines (4 total) and left her port. Took out her drain (it was so long and icky) and she almost "appendage" free ( as Olivia would say). But all of that was just more pain, pain and pain added. Then she walked for two hours...the last time hardly being able to do it but she did.
So recovery is the hard part. Waiting to see if the liver is going to settle down. There are a few numbers hovering out there that could go either we are just not worrying about it and leaving all that up to God.But we do keep a watchful eye on it so we know how to pray and how to hear.

Many are popping up and putting together fundraisers and I am so humbled by that. Thank you. And if you are close to one please drop by. There is the "Shake Up" Fundraiser here in Bufiord Wednesday. A Carwash in Michigan on Friday. THe Chick-Fil-A /Lake Lanier Coupons are still ongoing. I heard yesterday they have already raised $ awesome is that. So if you are going remember to buzz by Chick-fil-A and thank them and use that coipon. We have been blessed...thank you GOd.
Have a wonderful day. Be blessed. Pray for Claire and Sawyer. Tyler is home and finally recovering. And we will talk to you soon
In His Grip


Monday, July 19, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Monday morning update

Monday Morning Update: From Olivia's dad
Docs came in this morning and said she had good bowel sounds. They said she could eat today and Liv is really excited about that. Still really sore but today she will have to get up and walk. Fun, fun, fun! Thank you all for continuing to pray as the Lord leads. Also, within the next couple of days, they are gong to move her down to the 5th floor to get her lungs back in shape.

Olivia is making great strides as she continues to heal from her surgery. Because of Olivia's cystic fibrosis she has to have constant treatments for her lungs. This disease also affects other areas of her body including the liver. Please pray for continued health in these areas.There will also be a fundraiser in Buford at Body Plex in the Shake it up....Wednesday. Collection jars are available for donations at any time. Also a yard sale there on August 21...donations are needed.

Have a blessed day,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Update

 Thank you all again for praying for this sweet family. If you would like to send them a message...leave a comment below and I will pass it along to them.

Hi everyone
I just want you to know what a Miracle our small family has received in the last week. If there ever was a time that I know God has granted me a special miracle blessing it is now. We went into this transplant with anticipation and a little hesitation. The report from the surgeon's and Dr R was not in Olivia's favor but it was the best chance she had to survive. When we went into surgery I just prayed that God would allow us to still have her on the other side. That it would go well enough to feel better. Never in my dreams would I believe that God truly wanted to do a miracle in our life. She has set records on being on the floor, walking, and improving completely each and every day. Her liver labs are now coming in line all the way around and fi she did not have the pain from the actuall surgery...she would be feeling awesome. The days are still hard. She is still screaming in pain at time sfrom Respiratiry Treatments and Ultrasound tests but if you look beyond the moment to the future it is amazing.

I just want you to know that if ever you ask God to see a miracle you need to mark this one down because this is truly a miracle. Our family has been blessed in so many ways with a miracle that we can't stop talking about it. Everything from Dean's job to Olivia's liver. We are truly blessed.

Some of you wanted to send cards to Olivia. Please do. She loves getting cards and we decorate her room with them. Her friend Rebecca sent her these cools thing to hang from the ceiling too..So our room rocks!

Also, so many have asked "what can we do" and I still reply, whatever God tells you to do. We have been blessed some great cards and notes, some of you have dropped by meals, some of you have given us some financial help to pay for the hotel and other expenses down here, one of Liv's friends did a lemonade stand fundraiser (this was so precious, she did it on her own...thank you Meredith), someone took care of the dog, some of you just stayed at my side either here or afar to listen and do whatever needed to be done. There is also another fundraiser on Wednesday evening at the Bodyplex in Buford on Wednesday. I will send out the details a bit later on the even page. But all in all, I can see our family finally having a new normal. A new way of life.

All of that is due to our Heavenly, wonderfuo, gracious Father that has listened to all your petitions on our behalf. And thank you for the petitions that have opened heaven adn given us such a huge blessing.