Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Calling all prayer warriors!!!


Olivia's mom.....
It seems today is a bigger day than transplant day. The liver numbers went up even more today even with the meds to fight rejection. So now they are thinking that it is possible one of the arteries to the liver is too small and they will have to take her back to surgery. We will not know the confirmation yet of what they are going to do for a few hours.

Yesterday a friend told me she heard this at a conference this past weekend and thought of Liv. I know everyone on this list is praying but there are a few of you that are called by God to be Prayer Warriors. For you, I thought this was a message that would resonate with you.

In Texas, the Marching Band marches in cadence. When they reach a bridge they break cadence because it can cause damage to the structure of the bridge and surrounding buildings. But, as christians when we "march in cadence in the heavenly places" we do cause damage to those structures and instead of breaking cadence, we should press on to tear down those things keeping us from the love of God.

This just resonated with me as a prayer partner. Sometimes those Angels are trying to get to us and are blocked by those things around us that keep us from focusing in on what the Lord has to say. We miss it being caught up in the whirlwind of activity and strongholds that are on our life. But, when we lock arms and pray then strength comes and those things are torn down to give us the ability to march on.

If this resonates in your spirit today, I would ask that whatever the Lord asks of you to pray do and that you would also hold Olivia up as well. I just feel a bit like the Glory of What God is trying to accomplish is being stolen away in the report of man and not the report of the Lord. I am realistic, I know all of this can happen and are complications of a huge surgery like this but I am going to chose to look to the Heavenlies and listen to God to be prepared for what He wants to do and give Him the glory no matter what.

In His strong, firm grip


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