Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Day 5


We are heading into day 5. I could never fathom how day 5 would look. Yes, Olivia feels aweful. Yes we have hit a few bumps along the way and are not out of the woods but we are so amazed. We are standing in awe of our God who is taking precious care of us and Olivia. WOW>
Olivia still continues to be in pain but so far just from surgery. No nauseau, no back pain, sugar numbers are in good ranges, things seem to be going all in the right direction. She is out of it. She is very tired but, well, let's be honest. They have taken a whole ugly looking organ and replaced it. Not an easy task to do and not easy on the body. You realize how different things are when she takes meds and they work right away. Usually it would take hours for it to take affect because her liver was so sluggish. What a difference. Again, changing our thought processes daily. Seeing things in the future now...so bright.
Sometimes the Doctors make me crazy because they want her to do more and more. I know it is for her best because of her lungs but my thought is "if you will sit in here for the hour for her respiratory treatmenst as she is wracked in pain from airway clearance" and "if you can see how much she is trying for Dean and I". Yesterday her incistion opened up a bit because of the treatments. Uggh...they took out all her IV lines (4 total) and left her port. Took out her drain (it was so long and icky) and she almost "appendage" free ( as Olivia would say). But all of that was just more pain, pain and pain added. Then she walked for two hours...the last time hardly being able to do it but she did.
So recovery is the hard part. Waiting to see if the liver is going to settle down. There are a few numbers hovering out there that could go either way...so we are just not worrying about it and leaving all that up to God.But we do keep a watchful eye on it so we know how to pray and how to hear.

Many are popping up and putting together fundraisers and I am so humbled by that. Thank you. And if you are close to one please drop by. There is the "Shake Up" Fundraiser here in Bufiord Wednesday. A Carwash in Michigan on Friday. THe Chick-Fil-A /Lake Lanier Coupons are still ongoing. I heard yesterday they have already raised $1150....how awesome is that. So if you are going remember to buzz by Chick-fil-A and thank them and use that coipon. We have been blessed...thank you GOd.
Have a wonderful day. Be blessed. Pray for Claire and Sawyer. Tyler is home and finally recovering. And we will talk to you soon
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