Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Urgent prayer needed!

Well, just when you think things are settling in and you have it made...a real big hill drops on you and you go flying down.

We found out that one of Olivia's liver numbers has taken a huge jump in the wrong direction this morning. We are headed to ultrasound in just a bit. I have to tell you that the number they are looking at has to do with the bile duct and the possibility of a stent. Please, please pray. We are not wanting to go down the road of more suregeries and thos awful stents.

In light of this new problem, they are wanting to put the NG tube back down so we can give her extra nutrition. She is NOT a happy camper. Then they changed her pain meds down to a lower dose because they are trying to keep her liver things are not going well.

Just a note to ask for prayer


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