Monday, July 19, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Monday morning update

Monday Morning Update: From Olivia's dad
Docs came in this morning and said she had good bowel sounds. They said she could eat today and Liv is really excited about that. Still really sore but today she will have to get up and walk. Fun, fun, fun! Thank you all for continuing to pray as the Lord leads. Also, within the next couple of days, they are gong to move her down to the 5th floor to get her lungs back in shape.

Olivia is making great strides as she continues to heal from her surgery. Because of Olivia's cystic fibrosis she has to have constant treatments for her lungs. This disease also affects other areas of her body including the liver. Please pray for continued health in these areas.There will also be a fundraiser in Buford at Body Plex in the Shake it up....Wednesday. Collection jars are available for donations at any time. Also a yard sale there on August 21...donations are needed.

Have a blessed day,

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