Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear Generation XYZ....

Sometimes a mama just needs to vent.....

You are spoiled brats!!! We as your parents have done you all a disservice. We have allowed you all to live in a fantasy world, afraid to see you fall or make a mistake. Wiping your little bottoms for you when the choices you have made leave behind your unmet dreams. Your dreams of entitlement need to end! You poor thing!

We have shoved you in a corner for a little timeout when really what you needed is a good swat on the behind! We have stood in the way and fought your battles for you, not allowing you to fight them for yourself! We have not only sanitized your hands from germs, we have sanitized your life so much that you have no idea how it feels to experience the joy of  really living. Feeling what it's like to  accomplish goals on your own.

Honoring your father and mother do you even know what that means? God never said stop when you reach a certain age!

Today I came home to two sinks of dirty dishes. This is not the first time either! Mind you .....I have been away for a few days. So, How long have they been sitting? The youngest three were with me. Leaving four adult children living under my roof. I provide food along with my chef services, shelter and even car insurance! I ask nothing from any of them in return! Maybe it's time to start?!

A couple of years ago when my husband injured his ankle I was left to juggle most ...ALL....of the household affairs. I remember standing in my yard with a gas weed eater hanging around my neck, red faced and killing myself.  One of my dear children walks up to me. Never once saying mom let me do that. This young adult was too busy. Headed to a family event of a friend. All I did was stand there and say I need help around here. The response I got was "I help" he/she walked away. A few months later I see a sweet note of thank you to this child of mine for helping someone by doing their yard work for them. REALLY! Mind you ...I'm killing myself while allowing them to live here rent free and paying their car insurance too. Don't I feel special! Don't I feel honored! Don't I feel loved! Not really....

I love my kids but sometimes I really don't like being their mom! I have poured every ounce of my being into this calling and sacrifice. Boy have I sacrificed! My sanity that is!  All for what? To lead by example? To show them the unconditional love that is instilled in my heart?

They just don't get it! What does a mom have to do to get a message to them? Hang a big sign around my neck saying...I will no longer be taken advantage of. I quit! Well I really can't stop being their mama! I don't want to either. All I want is for them to take up their own responsibilities. Contribute somehow to the household. Clean your room!!!!!! Do the damn dishes! ( I rarely cuss so maybe this will get their attention!) After all they are adults! Right?

If anyone needs me I'll be in my front yard holding a picket sign! So much for the time away to decompress from the stress! I think I just picked it back up!