Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's so quiet I can hear myself breathe!

The only sound I hear is the hum of the air conditioner. After last weekend that is a good thing... thanks to the ants who had built a nest in the outside unit! But the quiet is not what you would think... I AM ALONE for the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time EVER in my life....46 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I have had a few hours alone before but never in a home overnight. I'm not really sure what to do with myself!  Or if I really like this. No hubby...No kids...No dishes....need I go on? My husband begged me to make sure I do return home on Sunday. Now why would he think otherwise?

Don't's not for the whole weekend! I wouldn't want too much alone time. I do have to live in reality! Actually I came up to get our house ready for a group of young ladies who will be retreating to our little piece of heaven for the weekend. Another first...I have now been called one of the older women! When did that happen? I have been so busy with life that somehow I forgot to look into the mirror. Not only did my kids grow up when I blinked....but I have aged into that older woman category. I'm not sure you could call it gracefully either! Life is what it is....and I wouldn't change a thing. The good,the bad and the sometimes really ugly! That's the great thing about being a Christian....God's unconditional love for me covers All my good,bad and ugly! He loves me just as I mindless wrinkled self and all!

I hope my husband knows how much I love and appreciate his love for me. After 28 years and 9 kids...I know the juggling that he will have to do this weekend in my absence. He's in  The kids are in good hands!

 Come Sunday....somebody may be raising the white flag!

P.S....The lake house is not the same without my family here! It's definitely true what they say.."Family is what makes a house a home!"