Monday, May 2, 2011

If you have will understand why we are celebrating

If you have ever been a victim of a horrible will understand
If you have ever lost a family member to an untimely will understand
If you have ever lived in fear of an evil will understand
If you have a son or daughter serving in the will understand
If September 11th touched your will understand

You will understand why most Americans are not celebrating a death....but celebrating an end to a horrible evil man who has brought a sea of death to many families across the world. A man who celebrated the deaths of many humans across the world. Tonight an evil man has met his maker...and I'm sure our Father's heart is broken.

We will always have evil and until the day of Christ's return...death will continue to touch our lives. Evil will continue to wreak havoc across the world.

In the end Jesus Christ will have the victory!

Ezekial 33:10-20