Friday, June 11, 2010

Fireflies and Mason Jars...summer fun!!!

When I was a little girl, spending the night at my grandparent's house was the highlight of our summer. They lived on several acres with a small pond right in the heart of Tucker Georgia. Oh! the smell of fresh cut grass...thanks to my uncle who lived next door! We would always take a blanket out in the yard to lay in the grass and listen to the bull frogs. I think my grandmother did this so our grandaddy could listen to the ball game. What she didn't realise is ,that when she pulled out the mason jars for us to catch fireflies... the fun only just began. She ever so sweetly gave up her stash of jars...poking holes in the tops to allow those little creatures to breath. It always seemed like we had a jar full! Sometimes we would even let a few go inside my aunt's house...Oh the joys of spending time with our cousin and seeing what trouble we could stir up. Memories created in the most simplest of times.

It has been a few years since we have had more than just a few fireflies. Tonight we had so many that those flashing little bugs beckoned us to come outside and play. How could I resist creating memories with my children? This evening that smell of fresh cut grass came pouring in. All I could think of  was how we all would run around the yard chasing those crazy little flies with flashlights attached to their rears. we grabbed the mason jars...I thought of my grandmother sitting with us all outside on that blanket right in the heart of Tucker Georgia. Oh how I wish my girls could have known her!  Now as I make memories with my will find me outside in the yard at night as they chase the fireflies...I'll be the one poking holes in my jars! And inside you will find my hubby...listening to the ball game! Go Braves!