Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sugar and Spice or Snakes and Snails?

Our house is beaming today with the news of what our first grandchild will be. The Big reveal last night was so sweet. I am proud...and amazed our daughter was able to keep their secret for so long...24 hours! This baby is going to be one loved little...

Before I tell you let me say how proud I am of my daughter and her husband. They are going to be really great parents and we all look forward to watching them grow their little family. It only seems like yesterday that I was celebrating our little bundle of a firecracker (July 4th is her b'day). Yes... she lives up to her birthday nickname!  She came into this world with two older brothers and did her best to keep up with everything they did. No fear Emily should have been her name. She has the amazing ability to set her mind to a goal and do what ever it takes to achieve it! I have loved watching her grow into the beautiful young woman who has worked hard and achieved so much. I pray her greatest accomplishment becomes being a mother to her children. I pray that her greatest guide to parenting will be God's word. Finally she will understand how her greatest accomplishment will become the greatest tug on her heart, mind and soul!

There is something so special about watching our daughter become a mama. There is something so special about watching our children as they get excited about becoming aunts and uncles. But what I really look forward to is seeing my husband when he finally gets to hold his first little granddaughter and then I'll remember the moment he first held her mama.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I would like for you to meet....

Our Grandbaby......This was a few weeks ago and now

This was Yesterday....

The whole family finds out this evening in a big reveal that our daughter and son in-law are cooking up. Good thing it's the day after because this baby's mama can't keep a secret to save her life! The girls are taking bets and picking out outfits to show their choices....Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Although Mackenzie said she's wearing blue and red because she thinks it's twins! Friends and family are chomping at the bit to connect with this baby on a more personal level. Up until this point it has only been known as baby puddin or any other name this kid's crazy aunt (that would be Mackenzie) could come up with! Being the first grandchild on both sides our families are more than ready to cuddle with this little bundle of joy! Just 20 more weeks and all the waiting will have the aunts...and uncles behaving like fools as we watch this little one join our great big family!

Baby Puddin we are ready and waiting to finally hear whether you will join the Jackson/Holcombe manliness club or grace us with the girl craziness that we have all become accustomed too! Either way this grandma can't wait to meet you!

Check back and I'll let you know what we find out!