Monday, April 16, 2012

Why do I stay at home?

I stay at home because I love my kids.
I stay at home because this is the road God has called me to walk.
I stay at home because the love of my life has made it possible for me to have the greatest experience of my life.
I stay at home because I am a mom who is truly blessed to have the unconditional love from 9 + 1 ....and any other who dare to enter our home....awesome young people!

I may never win any "mother of the year" awards. Especially after this morning...I am now without a voice. Walking this road is the hardest most rewarding thing I have ever done. What I have come to realize is the unconditional love that my children give me is enough. It's worth more than any paycheck. Worth more than any award . Worth all the blood, sweat ,tears, lost sleep and lost voices that I have shed. These crazy kids of ours have my heart.  I don't always feel like I'm doing my best at this job...and I'm probably not. I mess up more times than I would like to admit. But this is not just a job...this is our life. My life! I get only one shot at it. I better make it good! How do I want my kids to remember me?

I want them to remember that I loved Jesus with all my heart.
I want them to remember that I loved their dad with all my heart.
I want them to remember that I loved them with every breath of my being.
I want them to remember that no matter how much good or how many times they might mess love for them remained constant.
I want them to remember that their smiles...the ones that I anxiously awaited to see for the first time...give me more joy than I could ever express.

Family means everything to me. If the only "Mother of the Year" award I ever receive is that from my own children....I will be satisfied! I will be satisfied because I will know I recieve this award not because of what I do or how well I do it... but because of who I am.

and that my friends you can never put a $ figure on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!