Saturday, July 17, 2010

Praying for Olivia and giving PRAISE to our Heavenly Father !

Olivia is continuing to set many records in the hospital! She is an amazing young lady who is touching many lives around the world. Please continue to pray for her and her family. Below is an update from her mom.

Okay..I do have to tell you this one thing. I will keep it short because Dean says I talk too long when I write (LOL) Anyway. Olivia walked today...she walked all the way back from Ultrasound. WOW....we were only 28 hours in ICU and today she is walking!

God is so good..and worthy to be praised.
Love to all of you

In His forever grip


Friday, July 16, 2010

Praying for Olivia...update!


We made it out of ICU and into a room!!! The docs are all so impressed with Olivia's progress. She is still in some pain, but handling it like a trooper. She even stood up today... a miracle in itself!

Please continue your prayers over the next few days. They are monitoring her lungs closely... staying in bed so much does not allow the lungs to do what they need to for her CF stuff, so that is a concern they are watching.

Liv is sleeping on and off and continues to tell the nurses how to do their jobs - that's what we want to hear! Barb finally stepped out for a few minutes w/Dean tonight, so you know things are in a good place if she did that!

Again, thanks for the prayers. And again, please keep it up!


Praying for Olivia...update

The word is somebody will be moved to a regular room sometime today!  Olivia's new liver is still trying to adjust and all the blood counts are moving in the right direction! Please continue praying for her healing...We do serve a God of miracles!

Praying for Olivia...update

Update from Olivia's mom....

Hi everyone,

It's Barb. It is so amazing to me that I can have my computer in ICU. It really gives me the opportunity to read all the prayers and support and keeps me encouraged. The prayer coverage and stories I have heard from you are so amazing. I know that this has been so hard for us but it is a wonderful day to know that God uses our adversities to help and encourage others. And we are encouraged because of your love, prayers and support.

Olivia is doing really well. There are som area's of concern but, they are just concern. The liver is not jumping up and being exactly perfect but we are so much better. Olivia is going to the floor today, and out of ICU. For her, that is an incredible step. We never believed we could get this far so quickly especially after the night we had. But the area's that are being affected are not ones that are compromising her health in any way. Thank you for thos prayers...they have been heard and answered.
If you could keep one family in your heart and prayers today. They lost their baby in ICU a day or so ago. They were so precious, they had parking passes and we had met them in they wanted to give them to us since they would not need them anymore. How sad but how precious that was. It broke my heart.
Thank you for praying for TYler and Caire. THey are both doing better.
I am in a bit of hurry but wanted to update while I can.
In His Grip


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Update from the King family....

Hello All, this is Wendy,

We've had a roller coaster of a day. Liv's numbers and stats have gone up and down, but apparently this is to be expected in this first 48 hr window. The term from the docs continues to be "Hopefully Optimistic."

Currently, the anesthesia is wearing off and Liv is going in and out of pain. She is lucid enough to tell the nurses how to do their jobs... and we love seeing her sassy self rousing! However, the pain is pretty intense and she is one miserable little girl right now.

Your prayer cover is truly what is holding Barb & Dean together. The rest of us can only handle short bouts of being in the room when Liv is in so much distress, but Barb & Dean are champions. I am amazed at the God I have seen displayed in those two over the past 30 hours or so.

Please continue to pray for Liv's healing. We are trusting God to help that liver quickly settle into its new home. Also pray for Barb & Dean. Barb has probably slept for less than 2 hours in the past 3 days... she needs rest, but is struggling to find it.

From the King family, thanks so much for your love, concern & especially your prayers. We'll continue to update you throughout this time.

Urgent prayer for Olivia!!!!!

PLEASE PRAY FOR OLIVIA RIGHT NOW. Her body is not receiving
the liver transplant well. Next hour critical. Prayer is urgent!

Here is the message from Olivia's mom:

HI everyone
From now on either Marylou or Wendy will be updating you on the progression. We have had a few set backs in the functioning of the liver. It has not rejected but some parts are struggling that could cause serious damage. The Doctor said today that they are Cautiously Optimistic that the liver is going to work. Also, Liv woke up for a minute and was close to hysterical. This morning she was quite beautiful but the afternoon has led to some serious water retention, low blood pressure, high Hematicrit and low Vitamin K for coagulation. So all in all the next few hours, days....are very critical to the liver taking and healing at the same time.

I am in the PICU Room with Liv and will try to update but I am g oing to leave that into more capable hands. I will not be able to respond to all of you so I apologize. If you will keep her in your prayers and us too...sleep is avoiding me
In His Grip


Out with the old...In with the new!

Olivia is out of surgery and now the real work begins.So many prayers have been going before our heavenly father for this sweet family. Currently Olivia is in ICU. Please continue praying that her body will accept this new gift and the healing process will continue without any complications.

Although I have never experienced organ donation personally...nor with any close family members....I am amazed at the concept of the whole process. However...I have experienced the loss of a loved one and know the pain and sorrow.  Just a thought...A life has to end in order for one to live. So much pain and sorrow to give joy and healing. I pray the donor's family will know how words can't express the gratitude of those that know and love Olivia. 

Thank you all for praying with me for Olivia.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Praying for Olivia

Update... it's 7:30 am and about an hour ago they finished taking the old liver out and are working on getting the new one in. Please continue praying for the team of doctors and Olivia's parents. Also, for the long road of recovery for this precious young lady.

Update...She has gone back for surgery! Hopefully in about 12 hours This precious girl will begin the healing process and enjoy just being a teenager!
Update....God's timing is always perfect! Surgery delayed until 12 midnight!
Update.....Surgery delayed until 10pm!

This is Olivia King...A sweet young Georgia teen who is scheduled to receive her 2nd liver transplant at 9pm this evening. Olivia is a Cystic Fibrosis patient who has been in need of a new liver for a very long time. The call came early this morning that a liver had been found. This long awaited day has finally come for the King Family! Barbara and Dean could really use your prayers for their daughter as they await this special gift. Surgery is expected to take 12 hours. Please pray for the donor family as they are grieving their loss....while giving new life to a special family.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fun...

What would summer be like without watermelon...and the sweet little girl who loves to eat it?

Water fun makes for a very fun summer day...

with our boys shooting water balloons at the jet skis and boats shore across the water!