Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to my first born...

Twenty Five years ago I became a mother. Twenty Five years ago a blonde hair blue eyed boy rocked my world. There are days when I think back and really miss my little man and all the mischief  he, his brother and his childhood friends use to get into...and they still do every now and then!Yes boys...even things like catching the field on fire! Or climbing on top of the garage roof...telling me you could see the whole world! You were only 5 then and my heart didn't find it to funny! I remember watching you as a young boy sharing your faith ...just think of all those seeds that you have planted! So many all passed too quickly!

 Justin has grown up to be a man trying to live a life of faith. This rec department counselor... soon to be Archaeologist...we hope...makes this mom's heart jump with pride when I see his love for the Lord. We're still praying for a great job offer...anyone need an Archaeologist? An Internship would work! This graduating class has had a tough time finding jobs. It can be very discouraging to invest years and all that money into a degree... graduating with no job possibilities. I keep telling him God has him at the rec department for a reason. He is very good with kids and they love him! He has been working with kids since the age of 2 17...he's ready for a change.   However..the rec department doesn't pay the bills! All in God's timing!

Justin...Happy Birthday! I so wished I hadn't blinked so quickly! Here you are...25 and I'm getting old!  Although you may not have the job you would like...God has a plan!  He is molding you into a man after His own heart. He's taking you down a road of faith that will only make you stronger. A road that will  lead you to the prize of eternal life! As I watch you with all those kids that you lead...I see a man who will make a great dad someday! I know you get discouraged about this lack of work...but keep the Faith...God's not finished!

Childhood friends...(aka..pyromaniacs)

I love his smile!

I love you are a blessing!