Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to you!

The photos are from last night. Rachel made a quick Birthday cake so we could celebrate with Kelley before he flew to Washington D.C.

Never say never! I always said I would never have a child after 40 years of age. So,God in his humor saw fit to give me a very special blessing just 1 month before my 41st birthday...she was due February 3 and came 3 weeks early.
Mackenzie Claire Holcombe...the youngest of 9 kids...youngest of 7 of the party and just an all out FULL time job!

I thought God would have mercy on me and give us a quiet child who required very little discipline....HA HA!!! I am amazed at the energy she has and my lack there of. I should have known what she would be like...her nickname while I was pregnant was Miss Happy feet. I really think she is a teenager in a toddler body.

However she is adored by each and every sibling. They each have a special connection with her. Kenzie has such an unconditional love for could they not? She loves to be where they are and in the middle of whatever they are doing,no matter how much they might fuss at her. Taking her alone somewhere is not an option...she hates being without at least 1 sibling.

All the lack of sleep,energy and nerves is so worth having her in our lives. She has taught us all to enjoy life and not waste one minute! Laughter is a must when you are with her. Many days all I can do is shake my head and laugh! Conversations are priceless and talking with her brings such an innocence to life.

So when others look at us and say why...I look at Kenzie and say because we are so very blessed!

Today is your 3rd birthday. Where has the time gone? I guess you have kept us so very busy keeping up with you that I haven't had time to watch the clock...that is a good thing! I remember your tiny little body laying in the billi lights your first week of life. Your orange little body laying there made me feel so sorry for you. Now, here we are...3 years finally have hair and the only orange on your body if from the marker you used to give yourself a tattoo! I am so glad God blessed us with another girl. You have made the sister club a perfect 7 and have stolen the hearts of your brothers.
Kenzie, I can't wait to see what God does with your life! I pray you will always keep Him close to your heart and allow Him to guide you through this crazy life. Being the youngest of 9 isn't easy...but God knew you needed extra eyes and hands to keep you on this walk through daily living. Hang in day you will be the eyes and hands for their kids!
Happy Birthday Miss Happy Feet...I love you!