Sunday, May 24, 2015

To see her heart....

One more week of school here in the Holcombe house. I am a little excited to finally sleep past 6am! Maybe. As I get older I'm finding that my inner time clock is a creature of habit! Oh for the days of sleeping until noon! I think that is a past that will never be revisited!

As the school year closes our kiddos are bringing home their endless piles of past assignments. Many I just flip through, mostly because I'm rushing to get to the next thing on my very long to do list. Many times missing little nuggets of gold. This particular day I was running on empty and moving at a snails pace. Really in need of a pick me up moment of encouragement.  As I flipped through Kenzie's papers I came across this writing assignment. Just a few weeks after Mother's Day and I'm still receiving little notes of love! Except this was a little different.

A few days before while riding in the car, I had been a part of a sweet what I thought was a random conversation with Mackenzie. Mom, You love me when I am bad. When I am happy. When I'm... and endless list of when I'm. They weren't questions but statements. Facts that she had come to realize about my love for her. Then I receive this beautiful page of a second graders thoughts on why her mom is the best.

My mom loves me the way I am in my heart....

Wow...she really understands what I have always tried to portray to my children! No matter how much they mess up, are good or bad, ugly or cute, their heart is where I look to know the true them. The beauty of the inner being that was entrusted into my care. The outside vision of them doesn't always match with what I see when I look at their heart. I guess in some ways this helps me to shower more grace upon them...even when they don't deserve it!

I can't tell you how much I needed that note that day. The tears flowed as I felt my Father say...Yes, I love you that very same way! I love the way you are in your heart. Past all your mistakes,ugliness and sin. Just like you are!

In my opinion...My God is the best because He loves me the way I am in my heart!