Saturday, March 24, 2012

My dearest grandchild....

   I am very proud to announce to you that we are..............




And I started this year asking God for a little excitement in my life! As though I didn't have enough! I prayed this prayer 28 years ago and as an answer to that prayer.... I became engaged, graduated from high school, went on a mission trip for 2 1/2 months, got married, went to Jamaica(honeymoon) and became pregnant with our first child.  All in that order. Not bad for a little prayer!

  My dearest 1st grandchild...

I have known about you since Thursday night March 15. Your mom and Dad surprised us all! I think you even surprised them. However... I have thought about you for a long time. As with my own children...your mom.... I have wondered what you will look like?....Will you have any hair?....What is your name? What will you call your grandad and me? You know you have a pretty handsome and fun grandad?! Oh the fun you two will have. Oh what great plans God has for your life little one! My prayer life just got even sweeter! I must admit I can't wait to meet you! To hold your sweet little hand and kiss your precious little feet and face. Your mom and dad won't mind if I hog you for a little while. We have a lot to talk about! Oh and your Aunt Mackenzie...she is in for a rude awakening...but I think the two of you will be the best of friends.

Yes little one,  you are going to be one loved kid! You don't know it yet but you have 8 aunts and 4 uncles....and that's just your immediate family. You will not lack for family! Adding you to the bunch will only add to the blessing and the fun! I just hope having you doesn't start a family feud. One baby with this many family members...maybe you will be twins?!! Your Grandma Jackson and I will have to steal you away...She's probably the sweetest woman you will ever meet! Your other grandad... he's pretty cool too! He too will be a lot of fun.  I pray one day you realize how blessed you are to have the family heritage that you do. I can't wait to see what plans God has for you!

Keeping you a secret has been a real tough thing...especially for us girls.  But your mom and dad are making us wait a little while. So when I finally hit the publish button on this post we are going to be one big happy family! So much to celebrate! They better hurry up! This grandma is one proud lady who wants to tell the whole world about you!

I love you little one....I can't wait to meet you! See you in about 8 months. I'll be the grandma with the tears in my eyes and a great big smile on my face!


So, I said I prayed for a little excitement this year...I wonder what else God has planned! Kelley's 2nd foot surgery, Jessica graduates from high school, Birth of our first grandchild....I wonder what's next?! I'll keep you updated!

Much love,
grandma...nana... gram.....oh my! I may need help with this one!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Guess What?

 I have a very special post I'm working on. So....check back sometime this weekend.

 My God is so amazing! You don't want to miss this post!

 His ways are not always our ways....they are so much better!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An unexpected ER trip and praying for a young lady.

Well yesterday ended up being a very very long day. What we thought would be just a day with 1 doctors appointment to remove scooter duders's been two weeks since surgery....ended up being a trip to the ER.

Kelley has been taking daily injections of Heparin...1 dose daily for 14 days. Day 13 was no different than any of the other 12. That was until this dose. Within 10 minutes of his injection the room started spinning. Thinking this would subside, he lay there for a few minutes. It didn't get better! In fact the nausea came quickly right along with my call to the doctor. If you ever need a foot and ankle doc in Atlanta let me know!  Great Doc and Great bedside manner!

We were advised to keep our 1:45 appointment and go from there...possible trip to ER to check for DVT( Deep vein thrombosis). Our 45 minute car ride was no picnic..extreme nausea. I really wanted to head straight to the ER. Kelley really wanted to make his appointment and get those darn staples out! Being the good wife that I am, we went to his appointment.  As expected a trip the ER was advised. No staples removed at this time. Off we went....with a doc's order.

The hospital is just around the corner from the doctor's office. Thinking we would get seen quickly,   since we had  an order from his doctor. NOT! You would think a 55 year old male, post op, with DVT symptoms ( extreme dizziness and nausea)  would be seen quickly. Well....3 hours later he was finally called back...and it was 2pm when we arrived. I would hate to have been there for the evening shift. Let's just say this girl wasn't happy about the wait....and neither was Kelley's doctor! My friend said we should have entered the ER with him holding his belly and saying he was having a baby. We have plenty of experience with that!

Well after blood work, X-rays,CT scans, MRI, EKG, Ultrasounds ( Not looking for a baby)....Everything was clear except a little fluid in his middle ear. You have got to be kidding me! I'm not totally convinced that was it. However, I'm praising God for clean arteries! That fish oil is really working! So at 10:30 pm we were sent home! Along with 3 prescriptions! Antibiodics, Nausea and dizziness meds.

You never really know why things happen. I truly believe God has ordered our steps. If all this was for a chance of meeting a young lady who needed prayer warriors...then this ER visit was worth every ounce of waiting and expense. This young lady was laying just on the other side of the curtain between us. As Kelley was laying there waiting for the next test we heard this girl crying out in pain. She was all alone in her area of the ER floor. By her conversation, she has seen every kind of doc and had every kind of test for her back pain. She hasn't been able to work in over 7 months. Getting dressed was a nightmare. From her explanation no one knew what to do to help her. She felt hopless. Most people think an ER doc should have all the answers...kind of like Dr. House. As this girl cried out in frustration because the ER doc had no heart just wanted to pull back the curtain and give her a hug and pray for her. Telling her I knew someone who did...Jesus!  Even one comment she made shook me to my core..."What am I going to have to do...Kill myself before anyone will listen and see what's wrong with me?!" Knowing that I needed to wait I sat and prayed for her. Asking for an opportunity to speak with her if I needed too. It's hard for this mom's heart to listen to a young person sit alone and cry out in hopelessness. But I sat. Minutes later the patient transport came back to get Kelley for an unexpected MRI. We thought we were done! Even the nurse said this was unusual for this test to be ordered. For this test I had to stay and wait for him. Wouldn't you know the girl next to us was leaving at the same time. As I pulled the curtain back to make room for his bed to be moved I had an opportunity to speak with her. Her name is Candy. I told her I would be praying for her and that I would ask others to pray.

So if you feel in your heart to pray for this girl please do. We will probably never know what happens to her. But I know I have a loving God who cares for Candy enough to petition his children to pray for her. Praying for answers. Praying for Candy to feel God's love towards her.

I know when we humble ourselves and pray....He hears us!