Monday, November 2, 2009

Capturing them while they are young!

For a week now I have been telling the kids we are going to attempt take a family picture. It always seems we are never ready no matter how much we prepare for something. Trying to please 11 people in 1 household is crazy an impossible task!

Try as I might...nothing ever turns out the way I picture it in my head. Having a two year old in the mix adds it's own set of trouble. Keeping her clean... Is it nap time? Is she hungry? Is it potty time? Just getting her to cooperate at each click of the camera makes for a time consuming photo session. But when I have to deal with a 2 year old and some of the others who hate getting their picture taken or hate what I have made them wear...this was suppose to be a time of fun and capturing a season in our family...Was it really worth it? Is it wrong of me to want an updated picture of my family together? Why can't my kids just cooperate for just a few minutes? I give them my time when they want something...setting aside my desires to help them achieve their dreams. All I wanted is a few pictures to share with friends and family. All they had to do was smile!

I have come to the conclusion ...I would have to be a total stranger for my kids to GLADLY want to help me do something. They are so quick to run and help others, but when I call with a request they grumble,complain and run in the opposite direction. kids aren't perfect!  But that mother's heart that God put inside of me, helps me to see beyond those things that tug at my heart. As our Children continue to grow and learn about living a surrendered life, I pray my expectations of them don't hinder them from desiring to live a Holy life. God must feel that same disappointment and frustration in me when I don't listen and obey. His Father's heart helps Him to see beyond my disobediance and self centeredness.

Oh Lord! Help me to have your expectations for our children! Please capture their hearts while they are young!

***I do love my children! They do help me a lot....especially with their younger siblings.