Saturday, April 28, 2012

We're adding to our family!

I am now publishing this for the second time! This time is no mistake!
I think I need to stay away from Facebook and Blogger when a special event is about to happen! Y'all don't tell me anything until after it's over!
OK when I originally typed this post something awful happened. As I went to hit save to draft Mackenzie hit my hand and I hit publish instead. Yes, leave it to me to spoil a special moment. You see I have my blog linked to network blogger. So when I hit publish it automatically post to Facebook. And because of my Karen's Kidz site, it post in more than 1 place. As I'm frantically trying to delete it from Facebook my son calls.  Yes son ... I published a blog post about an event that hasn't even happened yet! So within seconds of the posting I am trying to undo my terrible mistake! Trying to tell those who have liked the post already to keep quiet! I can't tell you how terrible I felt! He's already nervous! I really hope we can laugh about this one day! Better than the crying I'm doing right now! I don't think I can take much more excitement! But hey...I'm getting a new daughter!

Our youngest son just proposed to the love of his life! They have been friends for several years and finally listened to God's calling. I kind of knew his goose was cooked.You couldn't help but notice the big ole grin and dazed look on his face. Yes, he has been bit by that love bug! A cute one at that!

 Kayla has passed the sister test. Yes, all the girls love her! She fits right in with this crazy family!  You'd have to be brave to face this many girls and win their acceptance. I sure hope she knows what she's getting into!

Somehow my little guy grew up before my eyes. Now here he is almost 25, 6'2 and about to say "I do" to his love! It seems like yesterday I was teaching him to ride his bike and watching him play little league baseball. Now he's about to be this sweet girl's husband!

As our family grows I stand in awe of how we've made it this far. I look forward to the changes our little BIG family will have over the next few months as we embrace our new daughter. I pray that she knows what a special gift she is to our family. 

Kayla we love you!!!!!!   Welcome to the family!!!!!!!!!!!

So Jessica graduates from high school, our son is getting married, Kelley's 2nd foot surgery and Emily our daughter is having our first grandchild ... all before the end of the year!  Anyone know of a deserted island I can visit when all the excitement dies down?

Remember that prayer I prayed?

I bet you will never guess what is next for our family? I will have to keep it a secret for a little while longer! I promise it's going to be very exciting! So if you are really interested check back soon!

I may need a vacation somewhere on a deserted island before this year is through! But hey....You never know what God can do unless you pray!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

You know your getting old when....

Wednesday we had a homeschool bowling day. So while the older girls bowled with their friends I bowled with our 5 year old. Bad idea!  She beat me too!

Thursday afternoon I ended up in the emergency room. After 3 days of a sciatica nerve attack in my back, it moved into my pelvic area and left hip along with the top of my thigh. I would describe the pain along the levels of labor. With waves of pain and controlled breathing I wanted to scream"Give me an epidural!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I am not was that bad! Did I mention that I have a high pain tolerance?

Thursday was the day Kelley finally went back to work all by himself. Wouldn't you know it none of the older kids were home either. Kelley wasn't answering his phone. I almost drove myself but knew that wasn't such a great idea. Finally calling my son at work asking him to send our daughter home to drive me. 

I will start off saying...I HATE emergency rooms! This was our 2nd visit within a few weeks ...that visit was a 3 hour wait. Sign in, wait... triage,wait... send daughter to say I need pain meds,wait... Kelley arrives and goes to tell them I need something....Here comes the Calvary! My hero manages to get me some sympathy and some great pain meds! Maybe it was the fact that he was in a walking cast and had crutches. When it rains it pours! I still had to wait for an ER bed but doing it with I.V. pain meds made it so much better!

After seeing the Doc a CT scan was ordered. Possible kidney stone or ovarian cyst was mentioned. And we wait and wait and wait.  Results come back and all is clear!  Conclusion...must be my sciatic.
Really? But it's in my pelvic area and the top of my thigh! I never knew it could move into and affect those areas.

Once again we leave the ER late...right along with  3 prescriptions. No pharmacies are open now. I knew I should have asked for 1 more dose before I left! This was a long night!

Today as we got ready for church my husband and I found ourselves laughing! You know your getting old when you have to make sure one of you didn't take any meds that caused drowsiness. 
Our beside tables are looking like a pharmacy. Our conversations have turned to talking about aches and pains. This is not the excitement I have been praying for! For now as we wait... wait for endurance...wait for healing....I will praise the one who gave me life! He is still great and worthy to be praised! Rest... it's what I try to do for now. Sitting at Jesus' feet. Listening.

I will leave you with a laugh...this is how my leg feels today. Novocaine is a funny thing!