Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas past...


My sister and I were talking one day, reminiscing about Christmas past. I’m sure our memories are way off the mark. Similar to remembering the creek and waterfall on our childhood property. That waterfall was so steep. The big rock that we would sit on at the top and have picnics with the neighborhood friends is now a measly little rock, the creek… a little trickle of a stream. I’m sure someone must have played a mean trick on us. Shrinking the past to make way for the future.

Childhood Christmas was what we lived for throughout the year. Exchange gifts at school. Decorating Christmas cookies with our mom. The smell of the fresh cut tree, wood stove and toys that made the room look like a toy store had thrown up in our living room. Christmas morning rides to our grandmother’s house and then good ole Uncle Joe’s. Making our Christmas tour to the world of family, food and cousin fun! Traditions…. Oh how I love thee. Oh how I miss the road we have traveled.

Now here I am on the other side of it all. I’m the mom and now the grandmother! I love that last part! Traditions have now changed. Loved ones who made that sweet feeling of family are now gone. New members and traditions have taken their place. Aging means letting some things go. Often, we waste time trying to recreate that feeling of the past while throwing out those new opportunities to create new traditions. New memories.

The toy piles are not all that I remember as a kid. I'm sure they too were much smaller. There were only 3 kids in our family…I now have 9!  The economy has stolen a part of my ability to give. But how can I really put a price on giving? It’s not about the amount of things that cost money. When the checkbook is low it’s amazing how you learn to be real creative! Learning to make new traditions and laying the ones from the past to rest. Rising later to bring smiles to the hearts of my awesome children. What good is it anyway if I fill their worlds with thrown up toys that break after a week and not give them Jesus? He’s the gift that never goes away, rots or breaks. He’s the gift that changes all that’s selfish and wrong in this big ole world.
Our kids are now growing and moving in different directions. Their time of waiting on the stairs has come and gone. The older ones now share their time with other families who have embraced them as their own. My son who use to say ….ha ha ha the jokes on you …now lives in Israel. Missing his mama’s cooking makes my heart do more flips than I care to admit. He now has to recreate what he longs to experience from his childhood memories, that sweet morning of ham and all the trimmings. Skype conversations about gravy making. I sure do miss that boy! Ha!…I know he misses his mama too! The distance that we now share is good. It grows us, allowing us to see where the real heart of our family is that brings us rest.

The Christmas morning breakfast has now dwindled in numbers. Yes…my heart is drifting to Christmas past. It’s in the learning to let go,that I learn to lean into the new traditions, new ways of giving, new times of being content with the future of my children’s childhood memories.

All the time, money and energy spent just for a few moments of a memory….It’s all an investment in the stories they will tell. Reminiscing with their kids of that special moment in time ,when they sat quietly awaiting their turn to make a memory.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Introducing to you our sweet little gift....

Our beautiful new granddaughter....Miss Reese!
My heart has done more flips in the past few weeks....9 months....than I ever thought possible. For the past couple of weeks we have been on go ...then stop ...then go...then stop. I have nick named her Tarmac. She has had our whole family in a holding pattern....it has been like being a child and waiting on Christmas morning! This sweet little gift has rocked our world!
As her uncles and aunts have surrounded her this past weekend....she has 8 aunts(soon to be 9) and 4 uncles...she already has them competing to wear the title of the favorite aunt or uncle. But there is one title that only one can wear and that would be the title of the Crazy Aunt....
Here she is meeting her for the first time. Miss Reese had a brief stay in the NICU. No one under 12 is allowed onto the NICU floor. God in His amazing ability arranged for us to be in the hall when the nurses were wheeling Reese back to the unit, after having a few test. Mackenzie had waited so long to finally meet her niece. So this just made her night! Being the youngest of 9 kids, this will be the closest she will get to feeling like a big sister. I think being the aunt who is closer in age than the others, they will become BFF's.
Then there is seeing this.....
Reese and her grandpa....there are no words. So many memories flooding our minds.
Reese with her mom and dad. It's hard to put into words watching our daughter become a mama. I am so proud of her and her husband. They did an amazing job in the delivery room!
I wouldn't be a grandma(I'm still needing suggestions on a grandma name....No Lindsey not Abuela!) If I didn't get in a few snuggles and sweet little whispers of secrets, just her and I! Yes, I am smitten!
Welcome to this big old world little girl and to our big old family!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A time to be.....

I awoke this morning to a private message with the news of airstrikes and very close calls. Then to hear the news of a dear sweet friend's unexpected death. Today has been a day of trying my best to grasp life while juggling mine. Mine consist of a very demanding 5 year old,a husband who is still healing from surgery while awaiting the next, a son overseas...among the airstrikes, bills, dishes, Etsy orders that need to be finished asap and a grandbaby due at any moment. Yes, my head is spinning!

Unexpected moments have a way of forcing you into reality. Is there a such thing as reality anymore? We run run run but never really seem to catch our breath. What good does all the running do anyway? Wasted time doing meaningless things. I get so caught up with the doing that the doing has stolen the valuable moments of life. The moments of investing in those friendships. The moments of really living life with the ones we love. Who cares if the floors are dirty and the sink is full? Life is way too short to waste on petty things and attitudes. When is the last time you told that friend how much you loved them? When is the last time you cut out all the business of life to just enjoy being with that friend or family member?

Today I lost a friend and quite possible almost lost a son. I had a friend tell me this evening that she was up at 1am cleaning up after a sick child. As she was cleaning she began to pray. Praying for our son. Little did she know at that exact time missiles were flying over the city in which he now lives. I am now determined that when faced with a real tough moment I'm going to just face the battle and pray...pray like there is no tomorrow. There's nothing like fighting an unpleasant moment while changing eternity.

The day that started with bombs and a death has ended with a time of learning and growing. Reflection. A time to just be lost in His unfailing love and mercy. God only knows what tomorrow may bring. Praying for His eyes to help me see the turning of the hands on time.


A Time for Everything....Ecclesiastes 3

3 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An uncertain tomorrow...

As I read Ann's post this morning I realized how true this statement is.... When an uncertain tomorrow is trusted to an unchanging God...you will have an unwavering peace!

1984....I graduated from highschool,went on a long term mission trip, became engaged and married and I voted for the first time. I don't really remember the feeling of uncertainty. Reagan/Bush and Mondale/Ferraro ticket. We all know the outcome of that election. Oh my how time have changed!

Today I have two kiddos who are voting in the presidential elections for the first time. As I watch our children and hear them doubt ,wondering if their vote matters. I see fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that maybe the country that once was will be no more. Their vote means so much more than they realize. How blessed they are to live in a country where they have the freedom to cast their choice on the future leader of the United States...even if the choice is not what they had hoped for.

Really isn't our hope suppose to be in the one who made us? Doesn't He hold this world in the palm of His hand? I have watched over the last many months as this election has divided friends,family and neighbors. How can we allow a mere man to unravel something that is so much more important than an office of leadership? The truth is...We have placed our future hope in the hands of man and not God. We have allowed the division to creep into our lives and homes. Stealing our peace.

No matter who wins this election today...I will not be dismayed. My future hope is placed in the one who holds my life in His hands as I soak in His unwavering peace! Tomorrow when I wake up...I will still be me...The mom of 9,wife to a wonderful man who loves me and daughter of a great King! I will still live, love and place all my hope in the only true leader that I know...Jesus! Maybe we should place Him on the ballot?

Joshua 1:9

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.


Monday, October 29, 2012

7Southern Sisters... Way More Than GRITS!

 GRITS.....Girls Raised In The South
Our girls would say it's way past time to have a new "Sister" photo taken. Trying to get this many girls in one place for a photo is....let's just say it requires a lot of time and energy. With miss little bit (Reese) due very soon it may be a while. Our oldest daughter is due to deliver our first grandbaby very soon. Yes we are a family full of women! With Kelley recouping from ankle surgery and Justin's sudden trip to an overseas school for a year...Let's just say I'm ready for a little down time from all this excitement. Down time meaning...Just me and my sewing machine! If you haven't checked out our new name for the Etsy store 7Southern Sisters head on over and see what's new! For the next few weeks we're offering a 10% discount on all orders in honor of  Miss Reese. Just add the coupon code Reese2012 at checkout. Looking for something special ?  Just message me with your ideas. I'm always game for a custom order! Don't forget to like us on Facebook...7Southern Sisters 
Below is from our About page in our Etsy store...
                                                                      7Southern Sisters

 Just One Southern Mom's Journey Sharing The Gift That She Has Been Given....

I grew up in a family of women who loved to sew and craft. I grew to have a great appreciation of beautiful fabric while watching my mother and grandmothers sew many things.  Becoming a mom has inspired me all the more. I have spent many long nights sewing, just to finish an outfit for my kids to wear the next day.
I love my job as a stay at home mom. Out of a desire to earn a little extra cash for those unexpected things...that would be often...I stumbled upon Etsy one day! From that moment on I was smitten! Our first shop Karen's Kidz started with our many tote bags and diaper bags. I often call sewing my therapy. My kids know when the machine is running, that is my time to think. But I always welcome the interruptions as they too sit and watch, asking questions as they inspire my next project. Sewing girls clothing...I guess you could say I have had plenty of practice?This is where I have the most fun. What girl doesn't like a new dress or outfit? My goal is to expand our designs in the near future.
I recently decided to change our name to 7Southern Sisters. Over the past year I have gradually added more home decor items that are rustic and southern inspired. My plan is to continue offering children's clothing too, but you will be seeing a lot more southern inspired gift items.
With our new granddaughter due November 2012, I will continue to be inspired all the more and hope to add many new designs and a section in my shop called Reese's Korner. As the seasons of life change, I hope you will continue to shop with us or even just stop by to take a peek at what's new.

Thanks for taking your time to visit our shop. We hope you see that we take great pride in the quality of all our shop items. Please message me with any request. I am always ready for any challenge of custom orders.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

The sweetest words...With All My Heart!

Life happens...this was suppose to publish on Wednesday Night. I'll blame this on the dogs!

It can be said that our week has not been boring. Sunday was a "See you later" party for our son. Monday was getting him packed for his trek across the ocean to a land that will be called his home for the next 1-2 years. Tuesday morning bright and early...3am...our final hug with ugly tears  seeing him off for his 6am flight. Then there was today...the big and what we thought was the final ankle surgery.

With much anticipation we left early this morning for that long awaited 2nd surgery. It was met with skyping with our son as we waited in the pre-op room. I can't begin to explain how much good seeing that boy did for my heart. I hope he knows just how much I love him!

With a kiss and see you later for that man of mine. His chariot wheeled him down to dance with the sandman. And I ....down stairs for the long wait. This time I had the most blessed time in the waiting room with the greatest woman I know...my mom! I love her too!

The wait was a little longer than anticipated and met with a little disappointment. Because of some excessive bleeding, a third procedure could not be done. Not what I wanted to hear. Not the news I wanted to share with the man laying upstairs in the recovery room. So up I went...to have a talk with the man upstairs.

My eyes were met with a sleepy prince with his glass slipper bandaged leg and wearing that oh so cute hospital gown. I know he's tired of this. I know he'd rather be sitting on the porch at the lake. I love him more than I can say. As I stood there asking him questions to help him wake from the drug fog. Not getting a whole lot of response. I asked him the one question that I love to hear him respond too....Do you still love me? Not expecting a very long answer I heard him say...."I love you with all my heart!"  Drugs or not, that man has a heart that has captured my very own being. Through all the pain, his love for me remains the same. Through all the pain, I realized how very blessed I am to be loved so deeply by a man who remains the same, drug fog or not.

As we make our way towards what looks like a 3rd surgery, we take each day as it comes. Each moment as it arrives. Each with it's own worries. All to be laid at Jesus' feet. It's through his pain that I truly understand those heartfelt words...I love you with ALL my heart!

Monday, October 8, 2012

This could get really ugly.....See you laters are way too hard!

I have done really good all day. Trying to hold it together and remember that this is ALL God! But then the selfishness creeps in and the well has been broken.

The reality of watching his bags loaded into the car. The reality of watching "Boots"...that's his nickname for her....as she says she's packing and going with him.The reality of watching my family lay hands on our son and pray for him. To let the prayer sink deep. The reality when "Boots" wants to give him something after he's gone to bed and I say later. Then to hear her say...Ok, I'll just have to give it to him when I'm 8! Yes the big ugly tears....the I can't catch my breath ones. The memory of me saying...If he could only stay little forever!...floods my mind. He's 6'3 now!

Yes...the big old ugly cry that I have held and said I'd wait to have until after he left ....well it didn't wait. Suddenly his whole life has swept before my eyes and the questions fill my heart. You know the ones?...the would of, should of, could of.  All those annoyances...the empty milk jug that I just bought, the rumbling of the floor from the surround sound, the leftover chicken that I thought I had put away for the next night's dinner....suddenly they are not so much of a big deal!

You spend your whole life making sacrifices just to encourage them in their dreams, to see them smile. I'm going to miss that sweet smile! Thanks to Skype I will! The person who invented Skype must have been a mama! She knew this mom would someday just need a moment to see those beautiful eyes that she saw for the first time 27 years ago.

You pray and pray for God to do something big in a loved ones life and when He does...you scream...But God!  That was a brief question in my heart today. But then I realized...Justin isn't mine. He belongs to his creator. He made a choice to follow the one who has called him. When I asked God to expand his horizons...I never thought it would be clear across the ocean and then some.

In a few days our son will walk on the soil of a land that he's only read about. The land that he's always desired to see. When the message comes...I'm here! The ugly tears will turn to joy! It's then I will know, he's right where he should be.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Today our son turned 27.

Today he purchased his airline ticket to Israel.

Today I saw how much God loves him dearly.

Today is a day I will never forget.

Today our son is set to begin a dream that was placed in his heart so very long ago.

Today I realized that the last 27 years have been some of the best years of my life!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate a 27th birthday than to purchase a ticket for a journey that will change you for a lifetime!

I'm really going to miss him!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Teen....I'm not scared!

Today we start the journey of another teenager in the Holcombe house! This makes the 7th teen that has graced my nerves and my heart. I can't begin to thank God enough for walking this road with me. Without Him all of this would be meaningless! As I watch them go from being a teen to an adult I rest in knowing He has always carried me when I didn't have the answers and rejoiced with me when the victories came. Raising teens in today's world has not been the easiest thing I've done, but it's been the most rewarding journey I will ever take! Yes...I have another teen! I'm not scared!

Many ask me "How have I managed to raise this many teens and survived?" I honestly can't take the credit for this. It's been a team effort and a willing heart. Team effort as in my support team....Husband parents, friends, pastors(Church Family). But really the answer to this question is "Jesus!" He is the reason I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. He has carried me when I just couldn't get it together. When the mom guilt had me so bound that I never thought seeing them make it out of the teen years would be possible. Will the rest of this journey be easy?...Probably not! But I'm not walking it alone! One day at a time. We tackle each event and heart issue as it happens. If I look at the BIG picture I get very overwhelmed. But learning to see their hearts and know God is the one leading them where they need to go is my saving grace. I just need to learn to step aside and allow Him complete control.

I think watching and letting my kids make mistakes is probably the hardest thing I have had to do as a parent. But isn't it in those mistakes that we learn? I know I have made my fair share of them and continue to everyday. It's a natural thing to want to keep them from making those same mistakes. We know the pain from them...don't we? Yes...there are times we need to step in and take over.  Much like when they were little and learning to walk....we walk beside them sheltering them with our arms to keep them from falling. The joy we feel when they do it on their own. But the smile on their face when they realize they finally figured it out. Priceless! I want that same joy as I watch them make good choices. I want that same joy when I see them say "YES" and surrender their lives to the Lord. I want that same joy and peace when I finally figure out I can drop my arms and allow Jesus to be the one who shelter's them with a greater protection than I could ever hope to give.

There will always be insanity when a teenager is present. Loving them through the attitudes and choices they make will be what brings back that sweet bundle of joy that you had the honor of teaching how to walk. Only then ...you will not be the one protecting them with your arms.
Hang in there dear fellow parents. Although right now you may feel you are being pecked to death by chickens. Joy does come in the morning....the sun will rise and the sanity will return! Yours and theirs! Only this time God is the one teaching them how to walk!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"But How God?" ...The answer!

How do you go from this....

and this........His childhood friends!

to this?........Same 3 boys plus younger brother!

My question ..."But How God?!"  is being answered! That deposit...$1000.00 by October 1st....has been made! All I can say is miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!  His next step is airfare...approx.$1200.00. Student funds won't be released until school starts. Which is the end of October. So as we wait with anticipation on the God who has ordained all of this, we seek His wisdom for preparing for this really big adventure. I'm not sure why God waited until now to call him to Israel. All I know is when God calls... you go. Never asking why or how! Trust is a hard thing when our earthly eyes see all the obstacles.

These boys have been friends for a very long time. I have had the joy of watching each of them grow to be the young men that they have become. One is married and a dad now. Two are engaged to be married next year. One that is about to leave all that he knows to follow a desire that he has had since childhood. God has ordained all of their steps whether it's here in the U.S or many miles across the world to a country that is in the midst of a soon to be war.

And He chose Justin to follow Him to that very country. To follow that dream that He placed on Justin's heart many years ago! To trust Him with every detail of that calling.

From this.....

    To this......
I can't wait to see this same smile when we welcome him home again!

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

28 years of learning to count the moments

28 years
9 kids
12 moves
Many job promotions...at least 9! It takes a lot to feed this crew! With every job promotion came a new addition to our family.

We have seen a lot on this journey of ours. Many years of growing and learning as we have faced life together. We have lost a lot but have gained so much more. Sometimes it's in the losing that you learn what really matters. Learning to let go of selfish desires and dreams. Learning to embrace a life shared with so much love...most days! Learning to let God lead even when I'm gritting my teeth wanting my own way. Learning to trust God...that His ways are so much better. Trusting that He is God and worthy of ALL my praise! All of the time!

The next few months will bring a lot of life changing events for our family. I am armed and ready...but am I? Some days I look ahead and say...But How God?  He simply says...Trust me and rest under the shadow of my wings!

Our first event....
Remember me talking about a second surgery for the love of my life? It's in 2 weeks and will be a little more than we had thought. He seems to have developed a cyst on the bone in his ankle with possible infection. That will have to be cleaned and filled along with the surgery to repair the ligaments and a rod being placed through his ankle.  I knew I should have gone to nursing school! Very soon Scooter Duder will ride again!

Our next event....
We will be saying good-bye see you later to our son. After 3 years of waiting on a full time job opportunity...thanks to our lovely economy...he will be traveling to a place he has longed to see. Attending a school he has longed to attend to receive his Masters degree in Archaeology. A few months ago he finally decided to apply to this beautiful school. With a very narrow deadline he applied. We then realized he needed a couple of things (a physical) we thought that it was needed before the deadline with his application. His physical had expired and there was no time to get a new one. So with that we said...Oh well! God must have another plan...this door closed. Until last week... he received a phone call from this University saying.....He has been accepted into the program!!!!! The school had sent several emails but he had not received them. OK God....But How?  With another very short timeline he is scrambling to pull together financing for this opportunity. By October 1...his birthday...he must have a $1000.00 deposit. For a young man who has only been able to work a part time job for the past few years this will be a miracle...But how God? In order to get financial aid he must have an acceptance letter. Which he can't get until the deposit is made. Then there is his passport and a visa. With all this happening this past week and with all that is happening in the Middle East...I have this amazing peace! Even when the world says...Are you crazy? I can't explain it except for the fact that God in His ultimate wisdom is answering my question....But How God? All the impossible circumstances are becoming possible....but in God's way and God's timing!  This 3 year long prayer is finally coming to fruition....Never give up hope! As this young man's mom I can honestly say it is so good to see him smile again. It has been really tough watching door after door close. It will be really hard watching him step foot on that plane in just a few short weeks. But oh so exciting to see God's plan for his life that will take him on the next step of this journey. Watching as God provides all of his needs as he obeys God's calling. Praying he keeps his eyes on the one who has called him to follow.

So thankful for Skype!!!!!
And God's answer to all my questions....

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Our final life changing event and the most wonderful way to end this very stress filled year....
 The birth of our very first sweet little granddaughter...Reese Elizabeth! Just a few more weeks....Our family can't wait!

This past weekend my love and I did get a chance to  go away and celebrate the 28 years we have had. Resting for the journey ahead. Whatever that will be. I'm sure next year will be just as exciting...A wedding and a new daughter to start with! I know God has a plan... a great one!  We have come too far to doubt Him now!  Counting every moment that we have been given ....


                                            Very thankful for each of them!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's so quiet I can hear myself breathe!

The only sound I hear is the hum of the air conditioner. After last weekend that is a good thing... thanks to the ants who had built a nest in the outside unit! But the quiet is not what you would think... I AM ALONE for the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time EVER in my life....46 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I have had a few hours alone before but never in a home overnight. I'm not really sure what to do with myself!  Or if I really like this. No hubby...No kids...No dishes....need I go on? My husband begged me to make sure I do return home on Sunday. Now why would he think otherwise?

Don't worry...it's not for the whole weekend! I wouldn't want too much alone time. I do have to live in reality...my reality! Actually I came up to get our house ready for a group of young ladies who will be retreating to our little piece of heaven for the weekend. Another first...I have now been called one of the older women! When did that happen? I have been so busy with life that somehow I forgot to look into the mirror. Not only did my kids grow up when I blinked....but I have aged into that older woman category. I'm not sure you could call it gracefully either! Life is what it is....and I wouldn't change a thing. The good,the bad and the sometimes really ugly! That's the great thing about being a Christian....God's unconditional love for me covers All my good,bad and ugly! He loves me just as I am...my mindless wrinkled self and all!

I hope my husband knows how much I love and appreciate his love for me. After 28 years and 9 kids...I know the juggling that he will have to do this weekend in my absence. He's in  The kids are in good hands!

 Come Sunday....somebody may be raising the white flag!

P.S....The lake house is not the same without my family here! It's definitely true what they say.."Family is what makes a house a home!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Raising the white flag....Low vitamin B12

Have you ever seen that mom and thought..."She has it all together"? But what you don't see is that the smile is just hiding what's really going on inside. Not always...but a lot! Struggling to keep up. Struggling to just make it to bedtime only to wake up and start all over again. Never feeling like you are accomplishing anything.Struggling to find joy in the mundane things in life.

What mom of many doesn't struggle with many of these things? This past year I have felt more stretched as a person than I ever thought possible. My husband the same. I thought it would get easier as our children grew!The economy hasn't helped. House full of girls...we are blessed...pulling every possible hair from my head. I do enjoy my time with them! Husband who broke a foot and needed surgery with another surgery scheduled for this fall. Sons whom are still unable to find sufficient employment and still living under our roof. I am very thankful that we are able to help them and I do cherish the time that they are here. 10 people under 1 roof sharing 1 set of washer and dryer and 1 small kitchen....yes we are bursting at the seams! All these are just part of living in this day and time....mine just X 10! Feeling like a tug of war rope on many days! Expectations getting the best of me. Mine and expectations from others. Giving my all to them...but neglecting the giver(me) and Giver(God) in the process. Time with Him has paid a price for my very full plate. Lack of place to find quiet.  All by my own choosing. I have had time with Him...just not to the quality that keeps me grounded. Balancing life can be a job in itself.

It must be part of the mom nature. Whatever the reason it's time for me to raise the white flag and surrender! It's only by the grace of God that I have made it this long without a major breakdown. Not bad..huh! Well...it was bad!  Loss of appetite,weight loss...although this was a good thing, major fatigue, anxiety. Several months ago I knew I needed to make changes. I could see the road I was headed down if I didn't. I had let stress get the best of me and the wife and mom that I should have been. I know a lot of it I bring on myself by choices that I make. Some are just part of life! I just wasn't dealing with life so much. After all I am no energizer bunny! Oh how I wish!

Hitting a brick wall is what sent me to find the answer for all this madness. What I thought was just a stomach virus or something worse has turned out to be a very low B12 deficiency. 1000 mg of B12 is the prescription...maybe a shot to boost it would help?  Hopefully now I can start making changes that will free me to be a better wife, mom and friend! 

In my search  I came across this website with some great explanations on B12 deficiency. Although the world wide web has lots of information on anything you need concerning health issues. I realize working with my doctor to get my levels up is the safest road to take. Hopefully soon I will be the one pulling that rope instead of becoming the tug of war rope!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our little caboose!

Check out This post of our recent photo shoot for my Etsy listings...

Due to the fact that my listings may have caused a few heart attacks today.... No Mackenzie is Not the one who is about to become a big sister!  Although she would very much like that to be the case. She will have to settle for being the Crazy Aunt!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sugar and Spice or Snakes and Snails?

Our house is beaming today with the news of what our first grandchild will be. The Big reveal last night was so sweet. I am proud...and amazed our daughter was able to keep their secret for so long...24 hours! This baby is going to be one loved little...

Before I tell you let me say how proud I am of my daughter and her husband. They are going to be really great parents and we all look forward to watching them grow their little family. It only seems like yesterday that I was celebrating our little bundle of a firecracker (July 4th is her b'day). Yes... she lives up to her birthday nickname!  She came into this world with two older brothers and did her best to keep up with everything they did. No fear Emily should have been her name. She has the amazing ability to set her mind to a goal and do what ever it takes to achieve it! I have loved watching her grow into the beautiful young woman who has worked hard and achieved so much. I pray her greatest accomplishment becomes being a mother to her children. I pray that her greatest guide to parenting will be God's word. Finally she will understand how her greatest accomplishment will become the greatest tug on her heart, mind and soul!

There is something so special about watching our daughter become a mama. There is something so special about watching our children as they get excited about becoming aunts and uncles. But what I really look forward to is seeing my husband when he finally gets to hold his first little granddaughter and then I'll remember the moment he first held her mama.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I would like for you to meet....

Our Grandbaby......This was a few weeks ago and now

This was Yesterday....

The whole family finds out this evening in a big reveal that our daughter and son in-law are cooking up. Good thing it's the day after because this baby's mama can't keep a secret to save her life! The girls are taking bets and picking out outfits to show their choices....Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Although Mackenzie said she's wearing blue and red because she thinks it's twins! Friends and family are chomping at the bit to connect with this baby on a more personal level. Up until this point it has only been known as baby puddin or any other name this kid's crazy aunt (that would be Mackenzie) could come up with! Being the first grandchild on both sides our families are more than ready to cuddle with this little bundle of joy! Just 20 more weeks and all the waiting will have the aunts...and uncles behaving like fools as we watch this little one join our great big family!

Baby Puddin we are ready and waiting to finally hear whether you will join the Jackson/Holcombe manliness club or grace us with the girl craziness that we have all become accustomed too! Either way this grandma can't wait to meet you!

Check back and I'll let you know what we find out!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time to turn

It's no secret about the decision the Supreme Court handed down today concerning the Health Care Law. As I'm watching...and reading the reaction to all this, my heart is breaking. Breaking for the country that I love. The country that I call home. Our country has fallen prey to the choices we all have made. Our choices have separated instead of uniting our country.  We have become a self-centered moralless nation instead of the nation that was built on a foundation that honored God. We have taken our eyes off the One who has an amazing love for us. His eyes can see far greater than we can. Why have we stopped allowing Him to lead our families? Our Nation? Our hearts?  What a messed up bunch we have become! I remember my mom quoting the Bible verse ....Children obey your moms and dads if you want to live a long life....Ephesians 6.  At the rate we are going if we don't humble ourselves and obey God's commands....We as a nation won't live a long life. Our country will be destroyed  by our very own disobedient hearts. We need to get our heads out of the sand and get on our knees. Humbleness starts at home!

This is what I wrote on my Facebook wall today.....

As I'm watching family after family fall apart. I'm seeing our country following that same path as well. I can't help but wonder if maybe we all have missed something.
Maybe it's time to lay down our pride and self-centeredness? Healing of this Country will only start with us getting on our knees!
If we believe God's word is true....then why aren't we following His commands? Tired of the fight? Tired of the struggling?

2 Chronicles 7:14
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Public Service Announcement....Never leave candles unattended !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many years ago I was a nanny for a family. That is when I was introduced to matches in the bathroom and the role that they played....but not that anyone should play with matches in the bathroom. After all... I came from a family with just girls. I had no clue until I had sons. Many years ago I would have been horrified to even share this! But as a lesson learned it is very much needed.

 We have become one of those families who keep matches in the bathroom. However, my mistake is having left a candle next to those matches. The candle had been burned before but was no longer safe to burn unattended. Just a tall square candle on a metal plate. Along with a ribbon tied around it. It just served as a decoration on the cute little table. I guess you get the point. I never liked those smelly sprays but maybe it's time to find an alternative!?

Well, while we were gone our son arrived home from a long weekend trip, with a few friends. A suggestion was made to please light a match as a kid entered the hall bathroom...I guess this kid didn't come from" A keep matches in your bathroom kind of family." Instead this candle was lit...and forgotten. That was until over an hour later when the phone rang....not the kid to say he had forgotten to blow out the candle. Our son's room is in the basement and he had to come upstairs to answer the phone. That's when he discovered the smoke alarm...he hadn't even heard it. I'll just let my pictures tell the rest of the story. But first did you see the miracle in this? The phone that rang alerted our son to the fire in the bathroom! My God is good and so worthy to be praised even in the worst of situations. My heart is so thankful! What a beautiful thing to be able to find gratitude even during a trying moment. I had been wanting to redo this bathroom. I just wasn't quite ready! But oh well...Every girl needs a little motivation! Hmm....maybe I should have put that candle in my kitchen!
Now.... to count my blessings as I get the black soot off the walls and door. Goodbye Americana....Hello... I"ll just have to do an after bathroom redo post!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Daddy....just memories of a time that is gone

I have been thinking about this post for a while. My sister's post inspired me to put it into words. I guess dinner and that coffee on the screen porch will have to wait. We need a pilot and a plane in the family!

Fading memories are all I have left of the man whom I called dad for a very short 13 years. The sound of his voice is barely a whisper now. For my sisters even less. I sometimes wonder how different our lives would be right now if the choices he made had been different. But then again...we wouldn't be the women we are today if our past journey hadn't happened.
This post if for my sisters and my children.

This is the man I remember:
A Tucker High School graduate who held many records in track,football and baseball
Married his high school sweet~heart...I think she's the most wonderful lady that there ever was!
They had 3 beautiful daughters..He he!!!
Loved horses
Loved hunting...quail,deer,pigs.
His dad's pride and joy...only son
He loved his mama....We did too!
Welder by trade
Loved to have fun
Loved motorcycles and took many long trips with my mom to Gatlinburg. He even took us on many rides.
I think two of the funniest things I remember was watching him ride our go-cart around the neighbors dirt bike track late one evening...he had drank a few beers before that. I often share this next story with my kids and our youngest has found this to be her most favorite hiding spot. One evening we were playing hide-n-seek. My dad, who was maybe 5'11, hid while it was my turn to find him. I will never forget seeing him perched on top of our refrigerator with a big ole grin on his face! A smile I often see on my own two son's faces.
Played the guitar..mostly country and bluegrass
He liked Hank Williams Jr's music
He smoked
Loved Pepsi... The highlight of our day was to get him a glass of cold Pepsi when he got home. And served it to him as he sat in his recliner. Often fighting over who would get to serve him.
Loved popcorn...and popcorn seeds
Gardened a lot with his dad(Grandaddy Melton) Not sure how much of this he enjoyed. But he was a devoted son. They did make a beautiful garden!
Let us work in the garden with him....well maybe a strong request. We hated picking green beans that were climbing on the corn stalks!
He loved boiled peanuts!
I remember hunting snapping turtles with him and grandaddy for turtle stew...it really wasn't that bad!
Those dirty work boots at the door...we all liked to step inside them. Especially Kathy!
Levis jeans were his pants of choice
Always had a hat on....to hide the hair he lost.
He used hair spray for ...yes he had a comb over! That explains the hat!
Kelly always liked to do anything he did. You could always find her by his side. I think she would have gone hunting with him had he let her.
He loved baseball and was still playing on a company team up until the day he died.
The day of his funeral I remember looking back as we drove down 78. All I could see were cars for miles and miles with their headlights on. Thinking... all these people loved my daddy!

I wish I could say so much more about him and the things he did that had eternal value. I wish I could say what a Godly man he was and what a strong leader he had been in our home. But I can't. The man I knew at 13, I loved. I thought he hung the moon. He worked hard to provide for our family so our mom could stay at home. For that I am very thankful! But I'm sad to know all that he has missed because of the choices he made. And didn't make.
Drinking,driving and no seat belt played a role in his death that last day. A choice that changed the lives of 4 women who loved him dearly.
My dad made many poor choices in his life. Many that cost him his family and ultimately his life. Had he known June 20th would be his last day...would he have chosen differently? Only God knows.
I do have a memory of him at the altar with my mom. Did he truly surrender his life? That's between him and the Lord. I guess his life was so much more than my earthly heart can comprehend. Because of his choices....I weigh mine much more carefully. My poor kids know my feelings and fears. They can thank their grandad for the warnings of what making poor choices can lead too. I guess in some way he has left an influence on the legacy I will leave. Also, my husband can thank him for my constant encouragement to be a better father and leader in our home. My family may see this as nagging but I see this as a road I never want to repeat. I don't have many memories of the man I knew as daddy. I wish I did. But I have come to realize that the weakness that I knew in him has become a strength that I otherwise may have never obtained. Learning to count the cost in every thought and deed. I guess in some strange way what he has left does have some eternal value.

I guess Fathers Day is a bitter sweet time in my life. But it is also a reminder of the mercy and grace my real Father has shown our family for the last 33 years. He has truly been that father that my heart longs to know.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Surprise! Unexpected Harvest!

Let us not

Grow weary

while doing good

For in due season

We shall reap if we do not lose heart....

About 12 years ago, I sent off to the Arbor Day foundation for a  pack of seedlings to plant in our somewhat treeless yard. Every year since we have watched as those seedlings have slowly transformed into real trees. Several summers questioning if they would even survive this dry Georgia heat.
Our land consist of about 1 1/2 acres of grass. Cutting the yard takes a while. It's funny how you can be surrounded my something so beautiful but never really take the time to notice the details. Until today! You would think after our weekly trips around the yard we would have noticed. On occasion I even walk the tree line just to look at the health of the trees. It took my husband nearly being knocked in the head with the branch of what we thought was just a flowering tree to see this amazing treasure. It turned out the branch was loaded with apples! They weren't there last week. I thought this was a Washington Hawthorn, just a flowering tree that put off beautiful purple buds in the spring. This tree has taken 12 years to get to the size it is today and we have never seen a hint of an apple on it. Why today?

Had I known 12 years ago this tree might produce fruit...I probably would have given up dreaming of the day we might actually harvest something sweet and beautiful! Talking about never lose heart! 12 years to reap a harvest?! How many times have you prayed for someone or for God to do something in your life and just gave up hope because it was taking a very long time? Thinking He wasn't really listening?  God's seasons are different from what our Earthly minds can comprehend. He never gives up hope!  He's working on the details and our eyes are blinded to the beauty of the transformation that is taking place.

I listened to a story of a lady who had prayed for her sister for many years. A prayer for her to surrender her life to Jesus. For years and years this lady laid her request before the Father on her sister's behalf. Never giving up hope! Many years later this sister in her 80's said yes to call. Yes, to the prayer! We shall reap if we do not lose heart....

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.

I must confess I do lose heart at times. I'm not a very patient person. I really chuckle when someone says"You must be a patient woman to have so many children!" Ha! If they only knew! I too, wonder at times if God hears my cries! I am a worrier...not a good thing with so many children  under one roof.  But He's teaching me little by little to trust him. To NEVER give up hope. To NEVER grow weary. For in HIS season I will reap the very best harvest!  Even the unexpected ones!

So thankful for the reminders God gives to never lose hope! Maybe you too have prayed for someone for years....NEVER give up hope! Maybe you have prayed for a job....NEVER give up hope! Whatever it is you are praying for....God hears and He's working to ripen your request to perfection.

 Keep planting those seeds....you never know what you might get  might happen!

Psalm 1:1-3
Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
3 He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper

Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning to let go....time to step aside

Remember this post...The Day She Fell ? This past weekend at the lake, our son...the one whom I have had the pleasure of escorting to the emergency room countless times over the years, fell as he was wakeboarding. Landing with his head sideways into the water. Thankfully I wasn't present on the boat at the time. The fear came as our daughter came running back up to the house saying her brother couldn't remember some bits of time. As I looked at him walking up to the house...he looked ok. But as he got closer, that mom in me knew and the fear became real. Flash backs from Mackenzie's accident clouded my mind as I let fear set in. His struggle and agitation with trying to remember was more than this mom's heart could take. Knowing he needed to make his yearly ER visit, I took the reins and told him he was going and to go change.  A mom never stops mothering just because her children are grown.What I wasn't prepared for was his agitation and voicing his opinion that everyone didn't need to go. Everyone wasn't going to start with. Just his dad and I.  I guess I just assumed that by being his mom I would automatically be included. I asked him who he wanted to go with him and he pointed to his fiance'. So at that point I knew it was time to let go. I just thought it would be after they got married. So with my broken and struggling heart I stepped aside. Left to entertain those left at the house to wait. Trying really hard to not let resentment become a stronghold in my heart. I know this wasn't about me. But for the first time, our history with the ER visits has ended and now I'm left waiting like everyone else. Left feeling like I'm just another bystander in my son's life.

The crazy thing is, our daughter was married a few years ago and this has never been an issue. I have always felt included. Why hadn't someone warned me of the feelings I would have with my sons?  After all they have never really dated a whole lot. Having a girl in his life is new to me. I was just getting use to all this.We have had a lot thrown at us in the last few months. Now I have to share and become second fiddle. I don't like it! I'm sure that all these feelings will change with time. I am happy for him. I just wasn't prepared with the initial shock of being forced to let go. Forced to step aside so soon. Again...why did I have to blink? I miss my little boys! It's so hard to think of them as grown men. Especially with them still under our roof.

The diagnosis was a ruptured eardrum and a concussion. We have a lot to be thankful for! His memory has returned and his ear is on the mend. Hopefully my heart won't sink the next time he slips his wakeboard onto his feet. I guess I wouldn't be his mama if  I didn't worry just a little as he tugs at my heartstrings.

Again...A mom's work is never done! Even if her children are grown and don't see it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's in a name?

Proverbs 22:1

New King James Version (NKJV)
22 A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
Loving favor rather than silver and gold

Tonight our daughter had the pleasure of experiencing this very thing. She found favor because of a good name...her dad's.  I'm not sure if this man realized that he was a part of a lesson God was conveying. But I sure hope she will remember this for the rest of her life. I know I will!

I have always told my kids to make sure that in all that they do to try and always remember that they represent our family. That they represent Jesus. Keep it clean. Always do the right thing and make good choices!

How do you represent your family? How do you represent your name? Your Faith ? Your Maker?

OK girls we all know gossip is a real problem for us girls...and men. Learning to bite our tongues isn't easy. Do you want to be known as a woman...or man who gossips? Gossip destroys relationships. Destroys a good name.

How about being prejudice? I grew up in a era where being prejudice was a way of life in our southern state. I must say...I am not proud of this fact. I feel it's very wrong to be prejudice towards someone just because of the color of their skin, the food they choose to eat, the hair style they choose to wear or the shoes on their feet. I could go on and on. Why would someone put themselves above another just because of that person's choices of material things or things that a person has no control over? Would you want your name to be associated with bigotry? What's in your name?

I am sad to say too often I have experienced this in my life. I have been on both ends....the giving and  the receiving. It never turns out good no matter how you slice it.  Where is our passion, our kindness? All those things God speaks of in 1st Corinthians 13 .   How do you want to be known?
Do you want to be known as someone who is prejudice, gossips....toots your own horn? Or do you want to be the person God speaks of who loves beyond what your eyes see? Beyond the flesh and bones standing before you. Too often we waste our time tearing people down when in reality we should be helping to build them up. When is the last time you reached out to that someone who is shunned by your community...your friends....your family?  Give with open hands never expecting anything or recognition in return. Yes, I struggle with this...it's called pride. We all know what happens with pride. Pride comes before the fall! Proverbs 16.

Is your good name associated with wealth and things? Or is it associated by the passion in your heart to live as a man or woman of  noble character?

Your name. Your Family's name. What's in it? It's never too late to turn things around. It just starts with a willing heart and a whole lot of humility!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fly Baby Fly....

Where has the time gone? Here I sit in amazement at how quickly our children have grown.On Sunday I was listening to our older kids talk about how long they have been out of high school....Our oldest kids have been out for 6, 7 and 8 years. Yes, I had 3 back to back graduates! Yes, it broke us! We're still recouping. Man...why did I have to blink?

Tomorrow marks another milestone in our family. Number 5 is about to fly! Tomorrow night marks 5 Jackson County graduates from our family alone. Can I breathe yet? I have 4 more to go!

Jessica...you are one special girl woman. You make us so proud! I can't believe that little bundle we brought home on Christmas Eve is about to begin REAL life! Your passion for Jesus is why your smile is so beautiful. Your eyes light up everytime you flash those pearly whites. Every time you speak His name. God has brought you on this journey to accomplish His plan that He ordained since your very beginning. All your struggles and all your successes have brought you to where you are today. Now it's time to wipe the slate clean and begin a new journey. A new life. A new chapter. I love you more than I can say. Watching you grow to love your maker has been my greatest desire. Your willingness to be used by Him has made a difference in many lives. Hold on to Him....in the good times and in the bad.  Keep your eyes on Him and He will bring you more peace and wisdom than you can ever imagine. Jessica your life matters! So hang on to that love and passion.... you are about to fly!

I love you,

Monday, May 14, 2012

The greatest woman I know....

I met her the day she turned 18...We share a birthday, we shared a last name for a short while, we share a love for our Heavenly Father who loves us more than words can express! This woman has taught me so much about life and how to be the very best mom I can be! Her wisdom is where I run to when I have no answers.  But the greatest gift she ever gave me... was to show me how to live for Christ! I am so proud to say ....This is my mom and I love her! I hope I can be just like her when I grow up!

Love you Mom! You're my hero!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New friends!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Kelly's Korner I have new friends!  What a great idea she had. The best part was to encourage us to search the list for the blog friends in our own areas that had joined her link up.

As a busy mom of 9 my "free time" is few and far between. However, out of my desire to have some sort of record of the Holcombe craziness for my children to reminisce with someday...I try and blog when I can steal a few moments! As you could tell from last week in this post . Life is just...you would had to have been there!  I do love being a mama. I do love being a wife! Blogging helps me to find that I 'm not alone in the journey of being a stay at home mom!  I look forward to hearing from any who dare begin to join us on our journey. I hope I can bring you a little laughter (laughter is good for the soul) and encouragement as you walk your own journey of life. Please feel free to ask any questions or offer advise. I too need encouragement!

Thank you Kelly for being a willing vessel in sharing your blog friends with us!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

We're adding to our family!

I am now publishing this for the second time! This time is no mistake!
I think I need to stay away from Facebook and Blogger when a special event is about to happen! Y'all don't tell me anything until after it's over!
OK ...so when I originally typed this post something awful happened. As I went to hit save to draft Mackenzie hit my hand and I hit publish instead. Yes, leave it to me to spoil a special moment. You see I have my blog linked to network blogger. So when I hit publish it automatically post to Facebook. And because of my Karen's Kidz site, it post in more than 1 place. As I'm frantically trying to delete it from Facebook my son calls.  Yes son ... I published a blog post about an event that hasn't even happened yet! So within seconds of the posting I am trying to undo my terrible mistake! Trying to tell those who have liked the post already to keep quiet! I can't tell you how terrible I felt! He's already nervous! I really hope we can laugh about this one day! Better than the crying I'm doing right now! I don't think I can take much more excitement! But hey...I'm getting a new daughter!

Our youngest son just proposed to the love of his life! They have been friends for several years and finally listened to God's calling. I kind of knew his goose was cooked.You couldn't help but notice the big ole grin and dazed look on his face. Yes, he has been bit by that love bug! A cute one at that!

 Kayla has passed the sister test. Yes, all the girls love her! She fits right in with this crazy family!  You'd have to be brave to face this many girls and win their acceptance. I sure hope she knows what she's getting into!

Somehow my little guy grew up before my eyes. Now here he is almost 25, 6'2 and about to say "I do" to his love! It seems like yesterday I was teaching him to ride his bike and watching him play little league baseball. Now he's about to be this sweet girl's husband!

As our family grows I stand in awe of how we've made it this far. I look forward to the changes our little BIG family will have over the next few months as we embrace our new daughter. I pray that she knows what a special gift she is to our family. 

Kayla we love you!!!!!!   Welcome to the family!!!!!!!!!!!

So Jessica graduates from high school, our son is getting married, Kelley's 2nd foot surgery and Emily our daughter is having our first grandchild ... all before the end of the year!  Anyone know of a deserted island I can visit when all the excitement dies down?

Remember that prayer I prayed?

I bet you will never guess what is next for our family? I will have to keep it a secret for a little while longer! I promise it's going to be very exciting! So if you are really interested check back soon!

I may need a vacation somewhere on a deserted island before this year is through! But hey....You never know what God can do unless you pray!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

You know your getting old when....

Wednesday we had a homeschool bowling day. So while the older girls bowled with their friends I bowled with our 5 year old. Bad idea!  She beat me too!

Thursday afternoon I ended up in the emergency room. After 3 days of a sciatica nerve attack in my back, it moved into my pelvic area and left hip along with the top of my thigh. I would describe the pain along the levels of labor. With waves of pain and controlled breathing I wanted to scream"Give me an epidural!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I am not joking...it was that bad! Did I mention that I have a high pain tolerance?

Thursday was the day Kelley finally went back to work all by himself. Wouldn't you know it none of the older kids were home either. Kelley wasn't answering his phone. I almost drove myself but knew that wasn't such a great idea. Finally calling my son at work asking him to send our daughter home to drive me. 

I will start off saying...I HATE emergency rooms! This was our 2nd visit within a few weeks ...that visit was a 3 hour wait. Sign in, wait... triage,wait... send daughter to say I need pain meds,wait... Kelley arrives and goes to tell them I need something....Here comes the Calvary! My hero manages to get me some sympathy and some great pain meds! Maybe it was the fact that he was in a walking cast and had crutches. When it rains it pours! I still had to wait for an ER bed but doing it with I.V. pain meds made it so much better!

After seeing the Doc a CT scan was ordered. Possible kidney stone or ovarian cyst was mentioned. And we wait and wait and wait.  Results come back and all is clear!  Conclusion...must be my sciatic.
Really? But it's in my pelvic area and the top of my thigh! I never knew it could move into and affect those areas.

Once again we leave the ER late...right along with  3 prescriptions. No pharmacies are open now. I knew I should have asked for 1 more dose before I left! This was a long night!

Today as we got ready for church my husband and I found ourselves laughing! You know your getting old when you have to make sure one of you didn't take any meds that caused drowsiness. 
Our beside tables are looking like a pharmacy. Our conversations have turned to talking about aches and pains. This is not the excitement I have been praying for! For now as we wait... wait for endurance...wait for healing....I will praise the one who gave me life! He is still great and worthy to be praised! Rest... it's what I try to do for now. Sitting at Jesus' feet. Listening.

I will leave you with a laugh...this is how my leg feels today. Novocaine is a funny thing!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Why do I stay at home?

I stay at home because I love my kids.
I stay at home because this is the road God has called me to walk.
I stay at home because the love of my life has made it possible for me to have the greatest experience of my life.
I stay at home because I am a mom who is truly blessed to have the unconditional love from 9 + 1 ....and any other who dare to enter our home....awesome young people!

I may never win any "mother of the year" awards. Especially after this morning...I am now without a voice. Walking this road is the hardest most rewarding thing I have ever done. What I have come to realize is the unconditional love that my children give me is enough. It's worth more than any paycheck. Worth more than any award . Worth all the blood, sweat ,tears, lost sleep and lost voices that I have shed. These crazy kids of ours have my heart.  I don't always feel like I'm doing my best at this job...and I'm probably not. I mess up more times than I would like to admit. But this is not just a job...this is our life. My life! I get only one shot at it. I better make it good! How do I want my kids to remember me?

I want them to remember that I loved Jesus with all my heart.
I want them to remember that I loved their dad with all my heart.
I want them to remember that I loved them with every breath of my being.
I want them to remember that no matter how much good or how many times they might mess up...my love for them remained constant.
I want them to remember that their smiles...the ones that I anxiously awaited to see for the first time...give me more joy than I could ever express.

Family means everything to me. If the only "Mother of the Year" award I ever receive is that from my own children....I will be satisfied! I will be satisfied because I will know I recieve this award not because of what I do or how well I do it... but because of who I am.

and that my friends you can never put a $ figure on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!