Monday, October 29, 2012

7Southern Sisters... Way More Than GRITS!

 GRITS.....Girls Raised In The South
Our girls would say it's way past time to have a new "Sister" photo taken. Trying to get this many girls in one place for a photo is....let's just say it requires a lot of time and energy. With miss little bit (Reese) due very soon it may be a while. Our oldest daughter is due to deliver our first grandbaby very soon. Yes we are a family full of women! With Kelley recouping from ankle surgery and Justin's sudden trip to an overseas school for a year...Let's just say I'm ready for a little down time from all this excitement. Down time meaning...Just me and my sewing machine! If you haven't checked out our new name for the Etsy store 7Southern Sisters head on over and see what's new! For the next few weeks we're offering a 10% discount on all orders in honor of  Miss Reese. Just add the coupon code Reese2012 at checkout. Looking for something special ?  Just message me with your ideas. I'm always game for a custom order! Don't forget to like us on Facebook...7Southern Sisters 
Below is from our About page in our Etsy store...
                                                                      7Southern Sisters

 Just One Southern Mom's Journey Sharing The Gift That She Has Been Given....

I grew up in a family of women who loved to sew and craft. I grew to have a great appreciation of beautiful fabric while watching my mother and grandmothers sew many things.  Becoming a mom has inspired me all the more. I have spent many long nights sewing, just to finish an outfit for my kids to wear the next day.
I love my job as a stay at home mom. Out of a desire to earn a little extra cash for those unexpected things...that would be often...I stumbled upon Etsy one day! From that moment on I was smitten! Our first shop Karen's Kidz started with our many tote bags and diaper bags. I often call sewing my therapy. My kids know when the machine is running, that is my time to think. But I always welcome the interruptions as they too sit and watch, asking questions as they inspire my next project. Sewing girls clothing...I guess you could say I have had plenty of practice?This is where I have the most fun. What girl doesn't like a new dress or outfit? My goal is to expand our designs in the near future.
I recently decided to change our name to 7Southern Sisters. Over the past year I have gradually added more home decor items that are rustic and southern inspired. My plan is to continue offering children's clothing too, but you will be seeing a lot more southern inspired gift items.
With our new granddaughter due November 2012, I will continue to be inspired all the more and hope to add many new designs and a section in my shop called Reese's Korner. As the seasons of life change, I hope you will continue to shop with us or even just stop by to take a peek at what's new.

Thanks for taking your time to visit our shop. We hope you see that we take great pride in the quality of all our shop items. Please message me with any request. I am always ready for any challenge of custom orders.