Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear future Son In-Laws...

Raising girls can be a nerve racking experience. So many things to think about. So many emotions to deal with. In our home we have daughters from the age of 4 to 22...7 in all! There is no quiet in our house!

 Our oldest daughter married last year. It's only by the grace of God that we were blessed with a wonderful son in-law. His mom and our daughter's dad (my hubby) grew up in the same town. Knowing our daughter's in-laws has brought a peace to this new chapter in our lives. I thank God everyday for His blessing to our family.There was a time when I really thought she might make a wrong choice with who she would marry. Let's just say...I think parents should be allowed to arrange marriages! You know you can just tell when your kids are happy. There is a change in their countenance when "The One" comes along. When our daughter finally decided to listen to God's calling in her life...Her whole world changed! Her smile was back and our daughter became family again.

As our daughters become old enough to consider being in a serious relationship I really struggle. Part of it is control. Part of it is just plain scared. I have seen many bad marriages and relationships. Doesn't anyone stay together(married) anymore? I have been married almost 27 years...I know marriage isn't easy! But without Jesus I would be one of those statistics. Besides...I really love that man!

Where are the young men who want to be leaders in their relationships? Where are the young men who Love Jesus and aren't ashamed to show it?  I want to see the young men who are willing to do whatever we ask in order to be apart of our daughter's lives. I want to see the young men who are willing to come to our house( Yes... I know we can be very intimidating) in order to see our daughters. I want to see the young men who will treasure the greatest gifts God has given us.

To my future son in-laws....God bless you!
Since the day our daughters were born I have prayed for you. As our family awaits for God to bring you into this great big family ( If you marry one of daughters you marry our family...we are a package deal !) I pray that God will guard your heart. As He prepares you to be the Spiritual leader in your home I pray  that you grow deeply in love with your savior. When God placed your future wife into our arms, she was a gift. Please know until we get the OK from Him....we're not giving that gift away!  I pray your life becomes so in  tune with your maker that your every move is only by God's leading. I pray that by seeing that smile on my daughters face that I will have the peace that you are"The One" God has blessed her with. So...If you come into our lives (maybe you already are) you may have to jump through some hoops, tackle their two(Three)BIG brothers, come face to face with my BIG prince charming and his shot gun...their dad in order to receive the gift God has for you. Are you willing? If our daughter is worth it to'll do anything! If you succeed we will embrace you as our own. We will love you with a love that only God can give. We will stand by and support you as you love our gift and treasure her for a lifetime.

Praying for you,
Your future mother in-law