Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grief...it's not always good

This morning a sweet friend breathed his last breath here on this earth. Sunday afternoon, leaving  church on his way to have lunch with his family, this man's heart beat out of rhythm and changed the lives of his wife and daughter for a very long time. Leaving those who loved him dearly to experience that unpleasant feeling of grief.

Often times it's so hard to know what to say or do when faced with such a loss of a friend. Being available to listen and to serve as the family walks through their grief is probably where we are needed the most.

As I read the many words of condolences, one in a particular stood out. This was written by a young man who hasn't even left his teen years behind.....Rest in peace sounds like it's from a worldly perspective. You don't have time to rest when you're in the presence of Jesus for all eternity! Welcome home Mr. Jeff Farr. And Lord, bring peace and assurance to Beth and Breeanne.

We have all experienced grief at some point in our earthly lives. Reading this young man's message to this wife and daughter made me realize how often I look at a tragedy from a worldly perspective. Our ways are not God's ways. We will never understand why this side of heaven. Yes, we will miss Jeff and yes it will be a different journey without this husband,father and friend in our lives. But this world is not our home! One day all those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus will see Jeff once again.  We too will live in the presence of our saviour. We will rejoice, sing and celebrate our home coming.

Welcome home Mr.Jeff ..This week we will celebrate your homecoming and time here on this earth!