Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend with the girls...Friends

I don't remember the last time I abandon my family for a weekend of time for just me. Juggling a household with 9 kids and a traveling husband...time is of the essence.One thing I struggle with is making time for my own friendships. I really don't have an over abundance of time.  However....I truly believe we make time for things we want to do. It has taken me a while but I'm learning some things can just wait. The kids will do fine without me!

This past weekend I took that step and made the time. Planning a Ladies weekend away from my husband and children. A weekend of quietness and time before the Lord with new and old friendships. A time to just be me. Most of us are friends because of our children...5 of us have daughters who are close friends. Some times we as women get so busy being everything for everyone else we forget to take the time to nurture our own selves. Forgetting who we are. So after I got past the "mommy" quilt for abandoning my family for the weekend, I was really blessed! Blessed to know I have a group of friends who love and support through prayer. Friends who are willing to give of themselves. Blessed to know in spite of our past...we can find encouragement and love.

As my children get older I realize how important it is for me to have friendships. If I don't take care of me how can I take care of them? I pray I learn how to better manage my time as I step out of my comfort zone and learn to be a friend to others. Balancing my time between all those that I love.  Taking time to refresh and renew my energy so I can do a better job at serving my family.

I just want to thank our husbands for all they did to help us get away for the weekend. You guys have really blessed us. Your encouragement is what got us out the door. I know my husband had been out of town all week . He came home to me running out the door, leaving him to shuffle the girls to birthday parties and youth events. I came home to dinner on the stove, the kids all survived without me and the house was still standing! I love that man!

If you're a husband....make a way for your wife to get away. Even if it's just for a few hours. You will bless her more than you know. If you are a wife who needs time away...let your husband know! He doesn't read your mind. It has taken me 26 years to figure this out.

Now onto my next adventure.... planning a weekend away with my man! It's been a while...I can't remember the last time we had a weekend away without a kid or two or three or......

This is for our girls....a common picture pose they do! I must say....we did have fun!