Friday, October 31, 2014

What's wrong with me?

I can't help it! My kids do some of the funniest things when they are bored! I have laughed so much at this short video that the laundry has doubled...if you know what I mean girls!? Laughter is good medicine! Please share the laugh with those you love...and even those you don't!

My head is spinning...

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. The months of September and October have been jam - packed with milestones and journey changing events in our family.

In September while juggling wedding planning and kitchen transformation drama, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We did sneak away for a couple of days....but not the celebrating we wanted. So we have postponed a much needed anniversary trip until sometime next year.

 After much prayer and fit pitching(I guess this is a southern term for throwing yourself on the floor while kicking and screaming!), On week 23, the gutting of my kitchen began!!!! Our mortgage company took three weeks to process our insurance check before they would release our funds. By the time we had those funds in hand, it was the week before our daughter's wedding. So here we are 23 weeks after the demolition of my kitchen began. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! All of our hard work, in spite of the kitchen drama, turned out better than I had hoped! My sister Kelly and daughter Emily were my saving grace! They did an amazing job with all the details!

We moved from wedding right into kitchen transformation, without taking one breath! Yes...I'm tired!
Yes...I'm beyond done! Yes...God is still good!
Monday morning was met with much fear and trembling excitement! I was never so happy to finally see that work truck in my driveway.
So, once one's kitchen has been gutted...How does one manage to keep her household of 8 fed without the proper tools? Friends...this one was genius! Planned long before our dishwasher decided to start this journey.
You see...My stove was moved to the garage. The only problem is...No stove No cook! I'm smiling at this point...except it is very expensive for a family of 8 to eat out.
When we bought our home 15 years ago, my laundry room was in the basement. My husband having mercy on me, moved it to the space between the kitchen and garage. It is now a laundry/butler's pantry, complete with counter space! As for my needs a special plug. Wouldn't you know there just happens to be this sweet little odd plug that we have never used in our garage. The exact plug needed for our stove.
This my friends is almost like camping! I'm cooking in the garage. I'm washing dishes in the laundry sink. I guess my neighbors (who can see in my garage when they turn into our subdivision) think I have finally gone over the edge. I'm so thankful it has been warm this week.
Along with the stove my garage was filled with old and new cabinets.
The new cabinets are now sitting in my kitchen! I am loving this new look! My favorite is the extra cabinet to the right of my refrigerator. I now have a space that will be a coffee station.
Our walls are prepped and waiting for paint. The counter tops are ready to be installed on Monday. Flooring on Wednesday and then the final touches. Twenty Four weeks of a kitchen journey from Hell. Two weeks of a kitchen transformation with all the inconveniences that try my patience. One big tired family that is ready to have their mom back. One big God who has carried me through with encouragement from family and friends.
When all this is done, I will look back and say....I survived the Kitchen remodel of 2014!
November and December will be the end of this very long year.  A year with much spiritual and personal growth. I have been pushed beyond what I thought I could ever handle. Given an immeasurable amount of endurance. I have seen the hand of God gently hold me and carry me while walking this journey. Providing me with the strength,grace and mercy that I never knew was possible.
 We will end this year with Kelley's 3rd(Hopefully last) ankle surgery. Maybe I need a T shirt that says. " I survived 2014!"