Monday, February 3, 2014

The dance.....with my Father!

There is something so sweet and beautiful about watching a young bride as she dances with her father on her special day. Soon our very own daughter will be lovingly embraced by the love of my life. I look forward to watching this sweet moment. I must admit this is the part that gets me everytime. A little jealous I guess. But nonetheless a very sweet moment that I get lost in. Usually fighting back the tears.

My own dad passed away when I was thirteen. At the time of my wedding we didn't even have music or dancing at our reception. This was probably a wise move that saved me a lot of emotional heartache.  Although my sweet step-dad would have more than filled the void that rest in my soul, had I thought to include this into the ceremony.

Many of you may think I'm crazy....maybe I am! I really am not much into visions...however I think God does work at times in this area. Sometimes He has to get our attention in ways we least expect it. Even times that we least expect. Caution in this area is always wise.

A few weeks ago I received a sweet gift that was so unexpected. It caught me off guard! That's just how  our heavenly Father works. The funny thing is, I can't even remember the worship song that was being played. While standing in church my heart was grasped by my Father. As He took my hand He began to swirl me around and smile with the biggest smile I have ever seen. I remember dancing and  laughing as  He...My Father....gave me the sweetest most unexpected gift....My daddy daughter dance! With tears in my eyes I felt His great love fill a void that I had forgotten was there. A dance that I will never forget! Me a beautiful bride dancing with her father. Thirty years later but in the most perfect time.

I am so amazed at how my Father knows me so well. He knows those deepest places in my soul. The ones no one ever sees. In His time He fills. He heals. He loves. He smiles. He dances with his girl! He fills those broken places that only He can. How amazing is that?!  Me....I just had to be that willing vessel. The empty one with those broken places.