Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Au revoir Orange walls....Bonjour Sweet William Pink

I originally posted this last week. Blogger had technical issues and many post were lost...including this one.
I am proud to say all the walls are finished  and now the fun begins....decorating!

The pink is up and our girls are loving the clean feeling of their newly painted room! We still have a lot to do to turn this HUGE room into our own little piece of Paris. But the hardest part is done thanks to our oldest daughter who came over today to say goodbye to her old orange walls help paint!

 Yes I bit the bullet and let her help!

I think I may have a painting crew....anyone need a room painted?!

Two days of step stools and speckled skin. Spotted carpet and pink hair. All these were worth each painful clean up just to make memories with our girls!

 I may need a Paris vacation when I finally complete this venture!