Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom...and me!

Forty Four years ago today a very special girl gave birth to her first daughter. You see...she turned 18 that very day her own daughter was born. Married to her high school sweet heart...he was 20... they began the very difficult road of marriage with all the odds against them.They had been married almost 14 years when he died. My mom became a christian sometime within my first two years. Little did she know that surrendering her heart to her maker would leave an awesome legacy for her children and grandchildren!

My mom's childhood wasn't the greatest...parents divorced and alcoholism to the fullest.I sometimes wonder how she could have turned out to be the person she is today. Many years later those parents did surrender their lives to their maker...that is whole nother story! I am amazed at my mom's loving walk with her maker... that walk often came with criticism and many times walking alone. Her knowledge of God's word is so very deep...many hours of study and falling on her face before the Lord. Her love for Him is endless! Trial after trial...and she never gave up the faith! I really love and admire my mom...her amazing ability to parent in spite of the many many trials she has faced over the years. The way she sheltered her children from the crud that so entangled our family goes beyond all memories of my childhood are pretty much what I would consider normal.

My childhood did seem normal in my eyes. I never even questioned if my parents or grandparents loved me! They were so young! In the world of today I probably wouldn't even be here or know my real parents. God in His loving hand guided my little life to be molded by the two who made a choice...a right choice! Three years later I was given the gift of a sister... just 4 days after our birthday...whom I loved to mother as if she was created just for me! Even today I still want to mother her even though she is a mom of two and is working as a nurse...she got the brains in the family! At the age of 7 I was once again given another sister and boy did she rock our world! God knew she needed 3 mommies(my mom needed all the help she could get!)...and today she is is a loving mother of 4 and headed to the mission field.

It's an amazing thing to share a birthday with someone so special. They are always in your thoughts when that day rolls around once every year. But to share it with your words can describe the honor I feel to share such a special day with a very special woman!

Mom, I love you very much! You are the reason I am the woman I am today.I am so thankful to have a special person to share my birthday with...well share your birthday! You have taught me how to be a strong woman...even when I don't feel it. I feel truly blessed to have a mom like you and love the fact that we share something that no one else in our family shares...I wish Kelly had been born few days earlier to make this an extra special day! You not only gave me the gift of life here on this Earth,but you have given me a chance at eternal life by showing me Jesus...and I will forever be grateful!

I love you mom!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little notes of friendships and laughs...memories!!!

Today was the day....Lots of sweet treats and those cute little cards stuffed in homemade boxes. Lunch, laughs and memories made!  I had a great day watching my kids enjoy an old tradition of exchanging valentine cards. Seeing their smiles as they read the little notes...giggling when they see who they're  from. One day, my girls will have the pleasure of seeing their handsome prince walk through the door with a great big smile on his face as he hands them a great big box of chocolate...just like their mamma does!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day....take 3!

Atlanta once again had threats of bad weather for Monday morning. With that in the forecast and many of us driving from all over creation....many coming 30-45 minutes away...our home school Valentines day share day was postponed until Tuesday. My girls LOVE our home school share day...especially the Valentines day event. I would be in the dog house if I didn't take them!So today the girls baked and decorated cupcakes to share. If I never see another piece of candy or sweets...I will be ok.

I remember way back in the day...yes I'm old...Valentines day at school. Decorating a shoe box to put all those many valentines cards and candy in was the highlight for this crafty girl! I remember my 3rd grade class...Mrs. Miles... and my very first boyfriend...S.Johnson. He walked in with a huge heart shaped box of candy...looking straight at me with the biggest smile on his face...yes I thought it was for me! You see...the day before he told me he was bringing me chocolate. He then turned straight to the teacher and handed it to her and I was... believe it or not ...relieved. I was so afraid of all the teasing I would get... had he handed that HUGE box of chocolate to me. Good thing we were young...I might of hit him with that candy box! I was glad when our teacher gave the go ahead to open our boxes filled with those silly little cards and candy hearts. It's funny how a shoe box full of silly little cards can bring back such memories of childhood days.

I still enjoy getting Valentines day cards and for the last 26 years I have received my very own box of chocolate from the most handsome man with the biggest smile on his face!