Monday, November 26, 2012

Introducing to you our sweet little gift....

Our beautiful new granddaughter....Miss Reese!
My heart has done more flips in the past few weeks....9 months....than I ever thought possible. For the past couple of weeks we have been on go ...then stop ...then go...then stop. I have nick named her Tarmac. She has had our whole family in a holding has been like being a child and waiting on Christmas morning! This sweet little gift has rocked our world!
As her uncles and aunts have surrounded her this past weekend....she has 8 aunts(soon to be 9) and 4 uncles...she already has them competing to wear the title of the favorite aunt or uncle. But there is one title that only one can wear and that would be the title of the Crazy Aunt....
Here she is meeting her for the first time. Miss Reese had a brief stay in the NICU. No one under 12 is allowed onto the NICU floor. God in His amazing ability arranged for us to be in the hall when the nurses were wheeling Reese back to the unit, after having a few test. Mackenzie had waited so long to finally meet her niece. So this just made her night! Being the youngest of 9 kids, this will be the closest she will get to feeling like a big sister. I think being the aunt who is closer in age than the others, they will become BFF's.
Then there is seeing this.....
Reese and her grandpa....there are no words. So many memories flooding our minds.
Reese with her mom and dad. It's hard to put into words watching our daughter become a mama. I am so proud of her and her husband. They did an amazing job in the delivery room!
I wouldn't be a grandma(I'm still needing suggestions on a grandma name....No Lindsey not Abuela!) If I didn't get in a few snuggles and sweet little whispers of secrets, just her and I! Yes, I am smitten!
Welcome to this big old world little girl and to our big old family!

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