Thursday, October 11, 2012

The sweetest words...With All My Heart!

Life happens...this was suppose to publish on Wednesday Night. I'll blame this on the dogs!

It can be said that our week has not been boring. Sunday was a "See you later" party for our son. Monday was getting him packed for his trek across the ocean to a land that will be called his home for the next 1-2 years. Tuesday morning bright and early...3am...our final hug with ugly tears  seeing him off for his 6am flight. Then there was today...the big and what we thought was the final ankle surgery.

With much anticipation we left early this morning for that long awaited 2nd surgery. It was met with skyping with our son as we waited in the pre-op room. I can't begin to explain how much good seeing that boy did for my heart. I hope he knows just how much I love him!

With a kiss and see you later for that man of mine. His chariot wheeled him down to dance with the sandman. And I ....down stairs for the long wait. This time I had the most blessed time in the waiting room with the greatest woman I mom! I love her too!

The wait was a little longer than anticipated and met with a little disappointment. Because of some excessive bleeding, a third procedure could not be done. Not what I wanted to hear. Not the news I wanted to share with the man laying upstairs in the recovery room. So up I have a talk with the man upstairs.

My eyes were met with a sleepy prince with his glass slipper bandaged leg and wearing that oh so cute hospital gown. I know he's tired of this. I know he'd rather be sitting on the porch at the lake. I love him more than I can say. As I stood there asking him questions to help him wake from the drug fog. Not getting a whole lot of response. I asked him the one question that I love to hear him respond too....Do you still love me? Not expecting a very long answer I heard him say...."I love you with all my heart!"  Drugs or not, that man has a heart that has captured my very own being. Through all the pain, his love for me remains the same. Through all the pain, I realized how very blessed I am to be loved so deeply by a man who remains the same, drug fog or not.

As we make our way towards what looks like a 3rd surgery, we take each day as it comes. Each moment as it arrives. Each with it's own worries. All to be laid at Jesus' feet. It's through his pain that I truly understand those heartfelt words...I love you with ALL my heart!

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