Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out with the old...In with the new!

Olivia is out of surgery and now the real work begins.So many prayers have been going before our heavenly father for this sweet family. Currently Olivia is in ICU. Please continue praying that her body will accept this new gift and the healing process will continue without any complications.

Although I have never experienced organ donation personally...nor with any close family members....I am amazed at the concept of the whole process. However...I have experienced the loss of a loved one and know the pain and sorrow.  Just a thought...A life has to end in order for one to live. So much pain and sorrow to give joy and healing. I pray the donor's family will know how words can't express the gratitude of those that know and love Olivia. 

Thank you all for praying with me for Olivia.

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