Friday, July 16, 2010

Praying for Olivia...update

Update from Olivia's mom....

Hi everyone,

It's Barb. It is so amazing to me that I can have my computer in ICU. It really gives me the opportunity to read all the prayers and support and keeps me encouraged. The prayer coverage and stories I have heard from you are so amazing. I know that this has been so hard for us but it is a wonderful day to know that God uses our adversities to help and encourage others. And we are encouraged because of your love, prayers and support.

Olivia is doing really well. There are som area's of concern but, they are just concern. The liver is not jumping up and being exactly perfect but we are so much better. Olivia is going to the floor today, and out of ICU. For her, that is an incredible step. We never believed we could get this far so quickly especially after the night we had. But the area's that are being affected are not ones that are compromising her health in any way. Thank you for thos prayers...they have been heard and answered.
If you could keep one family in your heart and prayers today. They lost their baby in ICU a day or so ago. They were so precious, they had parking passes and we had met them in they wanted to give them to us since they would not need them anymore. How sad but how precious that was. It broke my heart.
Thank you for praying for TYler and Caire. THey are both doing better.
I am in a bit of hurry but wanted to update while I can.
In His Grip


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