Sunday, July 18, 2010

Praying for Olivia...Update

 Thank you all again for praying for this sweet family. If you would like to send them a message...leave a comment below and I will pass it along to them.

Hi everyone
I just want you to know what a Miracle our small family has received in the last week. If there ever was a time that I know God has granted me a special miracle blessing it is now. We went into this transplant with anticipation and a little hesitation. The report from the surgeon's and Dr R was not in Olivia's favor but it was the best chance she had to survive. When we went into surgery I just prayed that God would allow us to still have her on the other side. That it would go well enough to feel better. Never in my dreams would I believe that God truly wanted to do a miracle in our life. She has set records on being on the floor, walking, and improving completely each and every day. Her liver labs are now coming in line all the way around and fi she did not have the pain from the actuall surgery...she would be feeling awesome. The days are still hard. She is still screaming in pain at time sfrom Respiratiry Treatments and Ultrasound tests but if you look beyond the moment to the future it is amazing.

I just want you to know that if ever you ask God to see a miracle you need to mark this one down because this is truly a miracle. Our family has been blessed in so many ways with a miracle that we can't stop talking about it. Everything from Dean's job to Olivia's liver. We are truly blessed.

Some of you wanted to send cards to Olivia. Please do. She loves getting cards and we decorate her room with them. Her friend Rebecca sent her these cools thing to hang from the ceiling too..So our room rocks!

Also, so many have asked "what can we do" and I still reply, whatever God tells you to do. We have been blessed some great cards and notes, some of you have dropped by meals, some of you have given us some financial help to pay for the hotel and other expenses down here, one of Liv's friends did a lemonade stand fundraiser (this was so precious, she did it on her own...thank you Meredith), someone took care of the dog, some of you just stayed at my side either here or afar to listen and do whatever needed to be done. There is also another fundraiser on Wednesday evening at the Bodyplex in Buford on Wednesday. I will send out the details a bit later on the even page. But all in all, I can see our family finally having a new normal. A new way of life.

All of that is due to our Heavenly, wonderfuo, gracious Father that has listened to all your petitions on our behalf. And thank you for the petitions that have opened heaven adn given us such a huge blessing.

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