Thursday, October 30, 2008


This week the younger girls and I traveled to Florida with Kelley. Well, we were hoping to get in some beach time. But, this week has been their coldest week of the year. So much for the sand and sun! We did find a great zoo to hang out at for a few hours. They even rode a water log ride and thought that was the greatest.This was one plus for the cold weather. Over all it was a really nice day for being outside with a bunch of animals (I'm not referring to the kids!)
The resort here is beautiful.We were blessed with a really nice room. The girls even attempted to swim in the huge pool in spite of the cold. I think the hot tub helped! Friday we head back to reality and the rest of our kids. I think we need another trip to make up for having cold weather this week!!!!

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Caroline and Layne said...

The three girls look so much alike! The baby is getting so big! thanks gor the comment you left on our!
God bless you all,