Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Say Can You Sing?

Today our daughter had an audition to sing the National Anthem for our new minor League team...the Gwinnett Braves. We arrived at the church where the auditions were being held just before the doors opened. I think I was more nervous than Jessica was and I wasn't the one singing. We sat and listened to many individuals sing their 90 second version of the National Anthem. Some were good and some were just plain bad! I felt like I was watching American Idol,except everyone was singing the same song. Now I can't get the National Anthem out of my head...I would really be ok if I never heard it again. Jessica finally had her chance at performing.She did fine, but half way through lost her note and stoped to correct it. Jessica has a beautiful voice and I love to hear her sing. She just needs to work on her confidence and her stage presence. I really think if she can overcome these she would do really well. On a positive note... at least she didn't have Simon as a judge!
Overall it was a great day...I got a chance to spend time with my daughter and hear her sing the National Anthem.

There is two people I need to mention, Lindsey and Rachel. These two girls made today possible.This weekend I ended up with the flu and really didn't feel to good. Kelley and Justin went on a trip to Kentucky,so that left me and the girls. Lindsey and Rachel...along with Megan helped with Mackenzie so that I could take Jessica to her audition today. After watching the girls all day they even cleaned the mopped),folded laundry,cleaned and vacumed the living room. Wow was I impressed...they have really blessed me today more than I could ever express to them. I love you girls! I am so very thankful to have you for my daughters.

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Abigail and Lydia said...

Great post! It sounds like your girls are very good house keepers! : )