Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lake Retreat...Let the building begin!

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About one year ago we began looking at purchasing a lot next door to our good friend's Lake house. Our children have grown up together and have fond memories of summer days at the lake...with the exception of my para sail accident 25 years ago! Now Kelley and I are stepping out of our little box and hopefully investing in years of family retreats and tons of fun with our kids,family and friends. This past Friday we closed on the construction loan to start building our little retreat. Hopefully by August the house will be finished and we can finally have a larger place to relax...although the camper has worked OK, just a little cramped when you put 7-8 kids plus 2 adults in there.
Lake Secession is a beautiful lake with long time homeowners, many who have lived in Gwinnett. While all the surrounding lakes have been down,Secession has stayed full. This has allowed for a full summer of boating and fun. This week we are starting off our second season at the lake...and it's cold! There will be no swimming, but most defiantly some boating trips around the lake. Maybe we'll even take a trip to the ice cream parlor in Abbeville...the highlight of our time at the lake. More than anything taking the time to just be still and quiet...if that's possible with all these girls!

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tim said...

i actually have alot of memories at the powells lake house. I love your family tell everyone i said hey and that i miss em! great stuff your writing on here by the way!
Tim Green