Friday, April 24, 2009

We have a foundation!

It looks like we may be on our way to having the house done by July 4th. We rode up today to see the progress and the brick masons were there finishing up the foundation. Hopefully the framing will happen next week. Who knows...maybe we will be done sometime in June!!!! It was really great to see the excitement on Kelley's face watching the progress of the house. I sometimes think he might miss the construction industry...OH! and to see him in his overhauls again! Our long awaited dream is now moving along at energizer bunny speed. Our kids are so excited to see that we have finally started and not just talking about building. I can't wait to see the huge screen porch! I can just imagine all the hours we'll spend relaxing with friends and family. Relaxing! Did I say that? Oh! the thought of that sounds so glorious! More photos next week...I think we will be making day trips once a week here on out!

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Kathy Clow said...

hey - i finally got a google account and now have a blogger on here. Standing Silent is the name. I am still trying to figure it all out - it'll take me weeks!